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AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTATION SUMMIT 2018 Trend positivo per l’esposizione. Numerosi gli abstract pervenuti

Milano, 22 gennaio 2018   Internazionalità e focus sui temi caldi del settore oil&gas e della filiera di diretto interesse: questi i tratti salienti voluti dal Comitato Scientifico, alla base delle macro aree prescelte come linee guida del Convegno che si terrà il prossimo luglio nell’esclusiva cornice del Castello di […]

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Tamini – The EAF SMARTRAFO SOLUTION: designed for INDUSTRY 4.0

The reduction of energy consumptions is a relevant topic all around the world, since recently the international attention has been focused on stringent and environmental-friendly targets. These targets result imperative for the steel industry as it is one of the major energy consumer among the different sectors. THE EAF SMARTRAFO […]

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Tamini – Italian Leader in Energy Transformers

Tamini is the leading Italian company in the world for the design and production of industrial, power and special transformers. Founded in 1916 in Milan, it supplies its products to the most important industrial sectors (i.e. steel, aluminum, mining, oil & gas, chemical and transportation) and the most highly qualified […]

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