Progetto Nächste

Progetto Nächste is based at the Research and Technology Transfer Center of Friuli Innovazione in Udine (Italy). It is an entrepreneurial reality, made of experts in the field of information security and IT.
In addition to the field of cyber security and business continuity, the company deals with consultancy and development of technological and innovation projects.

Progetto Nächste bases all its activity on the principles of transparency, punctuality, presence and inflexible application of the principle of third parties. Furthermore, thanks to its strongly future-oriented DNA and an exemplary predisposition to change, it provides solutions that can meet what will be the technological needs of tomorrow in advances.

MES Indy 4.0 software

Efficiency and ease of use characterize the new MES Indy 4.0 software developed by Progetto Nächste to improve the production of companies of all sizes, from SMEs to industries.

Its main functions are to interconnect machines and production plants using the FDC (Field Data Collector) 4.0 technology and to manage the production checking in real time the information of the entire production process. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use even for the operator wearing bulky devices.

The use of Indy 4.0 optimizes the work of every day with the management of production progress directly from the production departments, the monitoring of the various activities in real time and the reduction of errors due to missing or incomplete information, or the inability to get statistics of updated production.

The fluency of the entire production process is also made possible by the elimination of the material support of documents like processing sheets and paper production orders.

The MES Indy 4.0 software is ideal both for all companies that want to improve their production processes and for entrepreneurs that plan to or have already purchased a machine designed for Industry 4.0 and don’t  know how to make the most of it: the platform, in fact, is it easily integrates with various instrumental and CNC assets - applying parametric and Event Driven Programming technologies - and with company information systems such as, for example, management and production progress or planning systems.

Information security:

• IT Assessment - analysis of the critical aspects of the company information system

• Risk Assessment - protection of the company from risks related to information security

• ISO 27001 compliance - consultancy for the implementation and certification of safety management systems

• Training - spreading the culture of information security

Services 4.0:

• MES Software Solutions - optimization and improvement of business activity

• Research and development activities - in the IT and security fields

IT Services:

• IT Manager - analysis, design and implementation of information systems

• Software Selection - selection and integration of heterogeneous applications and information systems

• Software production - tailor made solutions for all companies

• Training - dissemination of IT culture

• Research and development activities - in the IT and security fields

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    The Company

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    via J. Linussio 51, 33100 Udine
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