QuantAnalitica is an Italian company located in Osnago, in the north of Milan. It was founded in 2001 by Dr. Lynda Dadci with the aim of offering support and specialized training in chemistry and physics to companies in various industrial sectors and University laboratories.

Specifically, QuantAnalitica supplies portable and benchtop analytical instruments for the following analytical techniques: X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Gas Cromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Raman Spectroscopy. Moreover, the company offers many solutions for sample preparation systems, Certified Materials, accessories and consumables for ICP Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Elemental Analysis (EA), and many others analytical techniques.
In addition, our company offers trainings in analytical chemistry, calibration and laboratory procedures and technical support regarding the full range of products.

QuantAnalitica employs 7 people full time, and a network of subagents covering all the Italian territory in order to support all its customers around Italy.
QuantAnalitica’s customers fall into several categories from the industrial realities to the more specialized laboratories and academy.
One of our main targets is aimed to customers that needs fast and reliable analysis in order to maximize productivity, develop better quality products, proposing to them a wide range of handheld analytical instruments. The strength of these analyzers is resistance to hard working conditions, user-friendly interface, speed of analysis and portability.

These features play a fundamental role in the industrial world, where our products are engaged in several application, such as production and quality control, environmental monitoring, materials identification (e.g. PMI), recycling of materials, consumer goods regulatory compliance verifications etc. Specifically, our products are designed to help our customers to identify several kinds of materials, from alloys, polymers, to natural materials (rocks and minerals), industrial powders, oils to precious metals.
Also, products for high quality sample preparation and automation, and sample introduction systems for ICP/ICP-MS analysis and for XRF are available for the Italian and Maltese customers. The main products are
Microwave and Heating Plates systems, Automation systems and Automated dosers, Acid Purification systems, Presses, Fusion Machines, and vessels in PFA for ultratrace analysis.

Finally, a wide range of accessories, consumables, Certified Reference Materials (CRM), custom standard, and products for analytical chemistry technique such as ICP/ICP-MS, XRF, Elemental Analyzers and AA are available. These products’ market has played an important role in making QuantAnalitica a successful company.


QuantAnalitica has a specialized team that assists thousands of customers around Italy and abroad with professionalism, reliability, efficiency, and quality.

We deal to help our customers in solving their challenges, working together to find the best and most appropriate solutions that can lead to innovation and optimization of the production process.

QuantAnalitica’s team studies and customizes specifical calibrations and applications for any customers, realizing for them an appropriate optimization of the instrument. We are open to show all the features of our products in order to choose the best option for the customer’s application and obtain the best results, guaranteeing a great return on investment (ROI).

Our vision is to lead with our scientific skills providing the best service thanks to the prestigious and cutting- edge equipment of our world-leading partners in the sector and our highly specialized staff.

Aware that it is an ambition that requires continuous employment and commitment, QuantAnalitica staff know its work for an important purpose:

                                     “The customer at the center”



By 2020 and beyond, we want QuantAnalitica to generate continued profitable growth, to become more customer-focused, more innovative, more agile and fully digitized in our internal processes and customer-facing activities. To achieve this ambition, we will focus on four strategic priorities and financial ambitions for the coming years. In addition, we aim to promote sustainability in all our business activities, reinforcing our leading position.

Within “QuantAnalitica 2020+”, we defined four strategic priorities:

  • Drive Growth
  • Accelerate Digitalization
  • Increase Portfolio
  • Fund Growth

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    Many well-known international companies decided to rely on QuantAnalitica’s professionality for the distribution on an exclusive basis of their products in Italy. Follow the list of our main brands and their products.

    - Belec
    Belec is a worldwide producer of optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis. The instruments offer fast and precise analyses of metal as it is required e.g. by the automotive industry. Specifically, it offers high-performance instrument types for either mobile or stationary operation.

    - Elemental Microanalysis
    We distribute Elemental Microanalysis’ products, an English company specialized in producing high quality consumable products for Elemental Analysers.

    - Fluxana
    FLUXANA® is dedicated to assisting users of X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF). They offer all types of accessories, such as cups and foils for liquid analysis, chemicals and additives (e.g. lithium borates and binders) and calibration standards (CRM). Additionally, a wide range of sample preparation equipment including fusion equipment, presses and automatic dosing machines is available.

    - Nanalysis
    Nanalysis Scientific Corp. is a global manufacturer and seller of compact Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers. The NMReady-60™ was the first portable, high-resolution 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer released in the market in 2013. These instruments are notable for their ease of use, low- maintenance, accessibility, affordability and automatability. In 2019, Nanalysis introduced the 100 MHz spectrometer, representing the highest resolution instrument available on the market. Designed with flexibility in mind, the instruments can be configured as traditional NMR spectrometers or programmed as analyzers for specific industrial applications (oil and gas, chemical, pharma, biotech, food science, atomic agencies, cannabis, mining).

    - Olympus
    Olympus offers a range of X-ray-based material characterization machines to bring the analysis to where you need it. XRF analyzers provide fast, nondestructive elemental analysis. The innovative XRD system provides rapid chemical and mineral phase identification.
    Portable XRF analyzers can be used on location in a variety of industries, providing accurate, laboratory- quality results immediately and in the field. In addition, the speed of XRF makes it perfect for in-line automated or continuous testing in manufacturing environments. Olympus offers systems purpose-built for in-line inspection.
    All the Olympus’ XRD and XRF analyzers offer speed, power, user friendly interfaces, and accuracy for a wide range of material characterization applications.

    - Savillex
    Savillex is a manufacturer of fluoropolymer products. We distribute for them PFA labware, from vials and columns to pressure vessels and filter holders, sample preparation and storage systems and acid purification systems.

    - SCP Science
    Last but not least, SCP SCIENCE manufactures and distributes analytical equipment, reagents, and certified reference materials for the inorganic analytical laboratories market. The company manufactures microwave digestion systems, sample preparation instruments, environmental analyzers (for BOD, COD and Soil analysis), specialized glassware for the atomic spectroscopy market, ICP, XRF and atomic absorption supplies, certified reference materials such as calibration, quality-control standards, viscosity, and metal- organic standards.


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