CONSER is an Italian Process Engineering Design Company founded in 1969 providing Licensing and Basic Design to chemical process industries and high quality technical consulting services.

With over 50 years of experience and its constant confidence in research, CONSER is able to deliver up-to-date, creative and innovative solutions tailored for every client needs. Thanks to this client-oriented approach and its wide portfolio of patented licenses and technologies that export all over the world, CONSER's reputation and success are well known, confirmed by satisfaction of the clients which have chosen it.

With the aim to provide a service with optimum quality characteristics, all the project phases are managed. Starting with feasibility studies, process development, licensing of processes and know–how transfer, process design package preparation, supervision of detailed engineering and construction, CONSER follow its client up to and including assistance to initial start-up. This is valid both for new plants and for existing plants which requires debottlenecking to improve performances and enhance profitability.

In addition to Advanced Technology Licensing and Process Design Package, CONSER offers activities of Research and Development, Plant Debottlenecking and Revamping, Operation Analysis, Energy Saving and HSE Solutions for the mitigation of the Environmental Impact in plant operations.

In parallel, CONSER carries out its research and development activities in collaboration with important international players and Universities research centres.

As main result of our intense and continuous development and passion for research, CONSER developed several patent applications, to protect its intellectual property and over the years, new patents have been successfully granted for new technologies.

CONSER by numbers: more than 50 years of experience, over 500.000 Metric Tonnes per Year of chemicals produced worldwide using CONSER know-how, over 30 countries hosting CONSER technologies, over 150 satisfied clients around the world, 50 up-to-date and optimised technology licenses.

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    The Company

    Conser SpA
    Piazzale Ezio Tarantelli, 100 – 00144 Rome – Italy
    Telephone: (+39) 065262001
    Fax: (+39) 06 5205249

    License Technologies in Petrochemical Industry

    CONSER experience is based on an extensive “know-how” of chemical and petrochemical technologies, up-to-date to the highest industrial standards.

    CONSER technical solutions are specifically tailored to clients’ needs, in order to achieve the best cost/effective solution, preserving a high degree of flexibility, operability and safety.

    In the design phase, critical challenges like by-products management, effluent and emission disposal and product quality assurance are the foundations of the solutions proposed by our process department. All the project phases are managed, from feasibility studies and process development up to and including assistance to initial start-up.

    CONSER’s industrial experience in the petrochemical and chemical fields include the design of plants for hydrocarbon pyrolysis for the production of olefins and aromatics, chlorinated derivatives, organic acids and anhydrides, glycols, amines, resins, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and the processing and recovery of aromatics.

    In the section "Gallery & Media" is reported a list of petrochemical technologies in CONSER's portfolio, relating to CONSERS’s development experience and know-how.

    Research & Development (R&D)

    CONSER is devoted to research activities for the development of new processes and technologies.

    CONSER has always been standing out in the scene of Italian process engineering companies for its faith in research, shown by its ceaseless investments in this field.

    All the technologies we offer are fully and deeply developed, from the laboratory scale to the full commercialization scale, in order to provide to the clients the most advanced feasible and cost-effective solution.

    As main of the result of our intense activity of research, CONSER developed several patent applications, to protect its intellectual property.

    CONSER’s latest research efforts to improve different systems and processes include:

    • Epichlorohydrin (ECH and ECH-EF)

    • Maleic Anhydride (MAN)

    • 1,4 Butandiol (BDO)
    • Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

    • Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL)

    • Propylene Oxide (CHPO and HPPO)

    • Methyl-Isobutyl-Ketone (MIBK)

    • Butyl-Rubber and Halo-Butyl Rubber (IIR/HIIR)

    • Bio-Succinic Acid’s Derivatives

    Process development is achieved through ongoing research activity, with the goal of successful commercialization, evaluating alternative competitive routes, capital and operating costs, environmental sustainability and inherent process safety.

    CONSER is keen to cooperate with producing companies to transform innovative ideas into new or improved processes, allowing to meet the industry’s stringent demands of tomorrow.

    R&D activities are run in association with producing companies, qualified laboratories and research centres.

    Among them, the most prestigious Italian universities:


    Health safety and environmental

    Due to our expertise in the industrial field, and our experience in the project management and development under the most stringent safety regulations, CONSER can offer a wide range of technical activities related to the HSE for the different life stages of the project.

    Our HSE team can provide the following activities:

    • Risk Analysis
    • HAZID (HAZard IDentification Study)
    • HAZAN (HAZard ANalysis)
    • HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability Study)
    • FMECA (Failure Made and Criticality Analysis)
    • WHAT IF Analysis
    • ETA (Event Tree Analysis)
    • FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
    • LOPA (Layer Of Protection Analysis)
    • SIL (Safety Integrity Level)
    • RAM (Reliability Availability Maintainability)
    • In-house Personnel Training and Courses
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Safety Philosophy Reports /Basis of Safety Reports
    • HSE Management Service
    • Safety Design:
    • Fire Zone
    • Fire Fighting
    • Fire Proofing
    • Fire and Gas Detection
    • Electric Hazardous Area Classification
    • Flare System Design
    • Operating Manuals and Procedures development
    • Emergency Plans drafting

    All the studies are performed in respect of the international standards like API, ASME, NFPA, ISO, BS ISO or similar, in accordance with the local regulation as requested.

    Energy efficiency

    Techniques for improving energy efficiency at the enterprise level are constantly expanding, from adopting a higher degree of energy recovery, to optimise the mass flows across the system.

    Substantial improvements can be achieved without any major capital expenditure needed, guaranteeing a low payback time and high system on-stream factor.

    Conser’s comprehensive energy services specialists can navigate customers through the financing and implementation of customized energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of new equipment, tapping the potential of energy conservation to generate cost savings.

    Our team of expert can identify capital projects and operational modifications that can quickly reduce energy consumption and costs.

    We have the breadth and depth of technical expertise to objectively develop the energy management project that is the best for each customer.

    Our services include:

    • Energy Efficiency Analysis
    • Energy Recovery and Optimisation Analysis
    • Pinch Analysis
    • Costs/Benefit Analysis
    • Greenhouse Footprint Analysis
    • Carbon Inventory and Reduction Strategies Development

    All the studies are performed in respect of the international standards like APIASMENFPAISOBS ISO or similar, in accordance with the local regulation as requested.


    Experience and efficiency in refining process design are essential to improve economics and achieve maximum profitability, especially when the process needs to accommodate a variable feedstock composition or an increased flexibility of the system.

    CONSER, thanks to its full range experience in planning and design of petroleum processing units, has successfully completed more than 400 refinery revamping and upgrading projects.

    Alone or in combination with qualified partners, CONSER can offer extremely efficient and up-to-date solutions for the needs of the refinery industries.

    The specialized services offered by CONSER to the refinery industry include:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Complete process design for new units
    • Energy saving and recovery project
    • Revamping, debottlenecking and modernisation of existing systems
    • Troubleshooting
    • Test runs and assistance to operation

    The experience of CONSER is extended also to ethylene plant design and revamping over more than 40 years.

    The references and “know-how” of CONSER in petroleum processing technology can be explored using the process chart here below. A list of refining technologies and units in CONSER’s portfolio is provided in the section "Gallery & Media"


    Petrochemical technologies in CONSER's portfolio

    Refining technologies and units in CONSER’s portfolio

    Maleic Anhydride Plant
    Celebration of 50° Anniversary – Beijing 2019
    Managing Director Flavio Simola - China Award – Beijing 2013
    R&D Activities
    Liquid Maleic Anhydride
    Butyl Rubber Bale

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