SINCE 1987: 34 YEARS AND COUNTING

About us.

TMA is an Italian winch manufacturer, established in 1987.

Since its beginning, TMA has been manufacturing only winches. Being specialist of this product, TMA is able and free to find the best technical solutions and to employ the most suitable components, without any bonds due to other ranges of production.

TMA designs and builds hoisting and pulling winches for every application and for several sectors: compact winches for truck cranes, high speed winches for mobile cranes, special winches for drilling machines, customized winches for marine application and special low magnetism winches for military sector, just to mention a few.

Moreover, several accessories will complement and expand the available range of products: pulleys, blocks, wire ropes, hooks.

TMA is located in Spilamberto, between Modena and Bologna, in the middle of the Italian "Hydraulic Valley":

Easy to reach, we are always glad to welcome you visit our Company and see how we work.

Safety first.

Safety is TMA’s main concern, so for every winch there is the possibility to choose among various safety devices, always in accordance with application and winch design: empty drum sensor, tension roller, spooling device, grooved drums, load limit devices.

We can proudly admit as well that TMA manufactures roughly 2000 winches per year: each winch is individually load and overload tested before shipment. A test report is always available and sent together with the winch.

However, when necessary, TMA’s after sales service provides the best assistance to guarantee optimal and continued use of the products. Technical staff is – of course – available too, to assist our Customers in the best way.

What we do and how.

TMA is both certified ISO 9001:2015 and recognized for Mode II Scheme by Bureau Veritas.

Each procedure we apply is focused on improving everyone’s activity, in order to provide the Customer with the most efficient service.

TMA is able to prepare winches certified by the main Certification Societies, and to supply AtEx certified winches too.

Our experienced staff will help Customers to untangle the maze of Certificates norms.

In addition to standard painting processes that have been studied and improved during the years, until an high standardization level for marine, industrial and neutral environment application have been reached, TMA can obviously prepare customized painting cycles, prepared and applied according to main painting rules, such as Norsok or AtEx ones.

Our Winches.

While offering our Customers a wide selection of winches for several applications, TMA standard winches can be divided into main four groups:


Compact hydraulic hoisting winches have drum, gearbox, motor and valve specifically selected: the result is a winch merging high performance and reliable quality in compact dimensions. All TN models are available in MW version, where design, selection of materials, production process and surface treatment make the product suitable for marine environment. The CP range is very flexible in terms of installation position. Fitting dimensions are interchangeable with other products available on the market, making the installation easier for the customer, without the need to modify the machine.


These hoisting winches have drum, gearbox, motor and valve specifically selected: the result is a winch providing the best performance and reliability. TMV winches are driven by an axial piston motor, whilst TME winches have an orbit motor. Both ranges have brake outside drum, to simplify maintenance. Both ranges are available in marine version, with stainless steel rope tensioner and marine surface treatment. A wide range of accessories is available to complete the product, just to mention a few: emergency lowering valve, MOPS, AOPS, and Constant Tension.


Personnel lifting hydraulic winches have been studied to offer the highest levels of safety and reliability. Each winch is designed to comply with the rules pertaining to personnel lifting. Hoisting capacity in personnel lifting mode is up to 50% of the cargo hoisting capacity. This range is suitable for marine applications, with stainless steel rope tensioners and marine surface treatments. In addition to standard accessories, safety is improved by using special solutions such as load limiting devices, or load detection devices, where the secondary brake holds the drum.


Wireline winches can reach a high speed and they are often equipped with a spooling device, in order to assure a correct spooling on many rope layers. The spooling device is mechanically connected to the drum to ensure the proper pitch on all rope layers avoiding the loss of the setting.

Feel free to browse our website for any additional information you may need, and do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have on our products.

TMA is at your complete disposal and glad to assist you with all your projects.

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    The Company

    TMA Srl
    Hydraulic and Electric Winches

    Via San Vito, 221
    41057 Spilamberto (MO) - ITALY



    .TN 400 - 6.000 kg compact winches driven by hydraulic orbit motor
    .MW 400 - 6.000 kg compact winches with surface treatment suitable for marine environment
    .TME 3.500 - 10.000 kg winches with brake outside the drum for easy access and maintenance
    .TMV 3.500 - 25.000 kg winches with brake outside the drum for easy access and maintenance,
    driven by hydraulic axial piston motor
    .EL 1.000 - 10.000 kg winches driven by electric motor
    .TMS 1.000 - 30.000 kg customized winches
    .PL 150 - 6.000 kg (p) 1.000 - 25.000 kg (c) winches for personnel (p) and cargo hoisting (c)
    .WL 500 - 1.500 kg winches for storage of huge quantity of wire rope and high speed
    .G 1.600 - 7.000 kg pulling winches with integrated planetary gearbox
    .W 1.000 - 35.000 kg pulling winches with worm gearbox
    .TMT 7.500 - 30.000 kg pulling winches with external planetary gearbox
    .RA 10.000 - 30.000 kg pulling winches with angular/planetary gearbox


    .Grooved Drum
    .Overlap Ring
    .Tension Roller
    .Hydraulic Limit Switches
    .Electric Limit Switches
    .Double Drum
    .Drum Disengage for Emergency Lowering
    .Constant Tension
    .Overload Protection Systems (MOPS and AOPS)
    .Load Limiter
    .Load Detection
    .Spooling Device
    .Shock Absorber
    .Anti Slack Rope
    .Heating System for Low Temperature Application


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