Cosberg is an Italian company with 40 years of experience in mechatronics, industrial automation, engineering, robotic systems. Our core business is design and construction of "Tailor made" assembly machines consisting of a rotary table, linear asynchronous transfer machines with free pallets and robotic solutions to automatize the assembly processes.

Fast, reliable and flexible customized solutions and machines, suitable both for assembling complex parts and very small components and that are adopted in various industrial sectors, including:

HVAC Industry: specific solution for the mounting and test of components such as valves, pumps, thermostats, fittings, control units, sensors…
Electromechanical and Electronics for the mounting and control of electric motors, solenoid valves, sensors, connectors, switches, plugs, sockets, electrical components, terminal blocks, safety switches ...

Automotive parts: braking systems for cars, vans and motorcycles, aiming, quick connectors, car seat frames, gearmotors, pumps,  fuel injection, fuse holder...

Furniture Fittings and accessories for window: hinges, slide fittings, damper, handles, joints, levers…

Components for household appliances: oven hinges, gas valves, thermostats, control buttons ...

The particular attention in the design phase and ergonomics of the machines combined with the experience gained in the sector has allowed us to develop machines equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies but made accessible to everyone. 

But the offer of Cosberg is not limited to the supply of machines as we wants to become a partner and offer solutions with production assets that give added value to our customers.

Thanks to the suggestions collected over the years and to a fruitful collaboration with our customers, we guarantee on our machines:

The parts subject to wear are placed so that maintenance or replacement interventions are the easiest possible. Furthermore, we work since long ago to standardize components and modules, in order to simplify and make spare parts management less expensive.

- Quick Production Change-Over
Our design philosophy features the simplification and containment of production change times in a maximum of 30’ minutes with the possibility of reducing this time to zero and having "batch 1" production. This means to produce only what the market requires.

- Objective and Productive Acceptance Test
The acceptance test is also feasible remotely by means of dedicated devices and software. With this proven testing system, all the critical parameters of the machine (electrical, mechanical, etc.) are monitored in real time by sensors and software that are capable of providing objective data.
This allows overcoming the travel limitations of the customer’s personnel due to the pandemic and, at the same time, enables training of the staff and production of good parts since the beginning of the machine’s trials.

- Installation and Ramp-Up
Our machines are made up of a one-piece frame and are not demounted for transportation so the installation and start-up phase lasts averagely 3 days while the ramp-up is reached in 4 hours, with the possibility of remote assistance.

To complete its offer, Cosberg has developed the "Cosberg4Machine" monitoring software, capable of providing real-time data relating to production, alarms, performance, quality and availability of the single assembly-unit or of the entire machine or extended to the entire assembly department or factory. It is a web-based technology system, easy to use, with customizable dashboards and accessible anywhere and from any device.

All this enables us to satisfy the diversified demands of the markets by providing intelligent and interconnected machines, able to communicate with factory systems (MES) , allowing the exchange of data and information to produce according to the demand of the market.


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