Tamini – The EAF SMARTRAFO SOLUTION: designed for INDUSTRY 4.0

The reduction of energy consumptions is a relevant topic all around the world, since recently the international attention has been focused on stringent and environmental-friendly targets. These targets result imperative for the steel industry as it is one of the major energy consumer among the different sectors.



The TAMINI EAF SMARTrafo Solution introduces a true revolution in the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) steel melting process. This customizable transformer is designed to minimize energy losses, its dimensions and features are determined on the basis of the characteristics of the EAF where it will be installed to optimize system efficiency. The main task of this transformer is to convert the electrical, voltage and current parameters required to melt ferrous metals using electric arc technology, at voltage ratings up to 1600V and up to 200kA in recent developments.
Reducing energy consumption by even a few kWh/t is not easy but it remains a fundamental objective of modern steel mills, and the transformer is a cornerstone in achieving this objective.
Losses generated by the conversion process, characterized by high powers and currents, cannot be underestimated in the analysis of investments and operating costs. Investing in EAF SMARTrafo today means long-term savings in energy and maintenance costs and a long lifecycle of the equipment.
The EAF SMARTrafo Solution is an exceptional innovation for transformers in the steel industry, in that the user can calibrate energy supply based on the actual use of the system (energy is consumed only when needed, depending on the actual environmental conditions and production flows).


One of the EAF SMARTrafo Solution main strengths is the implementation of a monitoring and control system for the transformer and its main components to improve their lifecycle and plan checks and maintenance interventions according to a schedule determined on the basis of actual utilization and not at pre-set intervals, as is common practice today.
The transformer is equipped with a set of indicators that tracks its operation and continuously transmits data to a monitoring and control device. The monitoring system processes the data transmitted by the indicators and coordinates the operation of the control system connected to the oil pump, which regulates the cooler’s functioning according to the real need, and to the tap changer, which sets the voltage and the current according to the production process need.
The monitoring and control device can match the data transmitted by the indicators with a range settled by default in a “cloud”, that’s why it is able to act independently and to send out, in case of any malfunction, an alert that promptly reaches the Tamini Service Team.
The monitoring data are available in real time and at any moment both by the manufacturer and the final user thanks to a software and a web portal specially designed.

This one could be defined a cyber-physical system which monitor physical processes, create a virtual copy of the physical world, make decentralized decisions and, at the same time, communicate and cooperate with humans in real time. The introduction of such a system is the first step to transform the Tamini Factory in a “smart factory” according the current trend called Industry 4.0.



The validity of the system has been confirmed by studies on the exceptional performance and actual savings, conducted by the faculty of Engineering at Brescia University (Italy). This joint collaboration with the academic world is a proof of the corporate strong commitment to R&D in latest technology, out of the logic of standard
production in favor of quality customized solutions.

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