Tamini – Italian Leader in Energy Transformers

Tamini is the leading Italian company in the world for the design and production of industrial, power and special transformers.

Founded in 1916 in Milan, it supplies its products to the most important industrial sectors (i.e. steel, aluminum, mining, oil & gas, chemical and transportation) and the most highly qualified operators in the electrical energy sector (production, distribution and transmission).

With a century of experience in the market and world records in the field, Tamini combines the quality of its products, designed and hand manufactured with the unmatched expertise of the Made in Italy. More than 9,000 Tamini transformers have been manufactured and installed for customers in more than 90 countries around the world.

Since 2014 Tamini has been part of the Terna Group, the Italian Electricity Transmission Grid Operator. Terna is Europe’s leading independent grid operator in terms of kilometres of electricity lines managed: a solid industrial enterprise, financially stable, at the forefront in the energy sector, and with the aim of consolidating high-quality synergies and new levels of development.

After the business combination with TES, one of the most advanced and qualified actors in the market of industrial high power transformers, Tamini has become a leading market player and now even stronger to effectively cope all future challenges. The two companies have been operating as a single entity since November 2015 with the aim of focusing their efforts, further accelerating their own growth and sharing the best available skills. The combination of experience and research allows Tamini, even more, to manufacture products designed according to the customer’s requirements and needs, embracing the Tailor-Made concept that has always characterized TES.

The integrated Tamini and TES manage six production plants in Italy and operates through their own branches in USA and India. At the moment, approximately 80% of company turnover comes from exports, particularly from emerging countries.


Tamini has always produced industrial transformers of high quality and reliability, designed to satisfy the most diverse and complex technical requirements. A large share of its resources are devoted to the development of special transformers for any industrial application, such as furnace transformers, reactors, power transformers for industrial distribution and rectifier transformers.

In the last ten years, Tamini has manufactured almost 1.000 transformers. Among them more than 400 units are industrial transformers and the majority is exported all over the world.


Tamini designs power transformers for the distribution, transmission and production of electricity from both conventional and renewable sources.
The Company’s products are designed to provide custom solutions for specific customer needs, effectively responding to ongoing technological progress in electricity generation and transmission systems, meeting the increasing demand for the interconnection of different national networks.


Tamini guarantees its customers high-quality technical assistance in each phase of the transformer life cycle thanks to a team of experienced specialists and a complete service portfolio.
With an average of approximately 200 transformers assembled and activated each year, a team of experienced and qualified specialists and a complete service portfolio, Tamini guarantees its customers high-quality technical assistance in each phase of the transformer’s life.

The main strengths of our Service are:
– 100 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of industrial and special power transformers
– Dedicated service resources can tap into a pool of experienced personnel from different production plants to offer enhanced flexibility
– Dast, flexible repairs backed up by 6 production plants that can be chosen according to the type of transformer and the equipment and personnel available
– Dedicated service packages can be provided to meet specific Customer needs
– Servicing performed worldwide
– Transporting transformers and equipment all over the world, including customs clearance

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