Harness Automation for Competitive Manufacturing Cost Structures

by Emily Newton Manufacturing cost structures represent the direct and indirect expenses required for a company to produce a product. Direct cost structures include raw materials, equipment purchases and employee wages. However, there are also indirect cost structures. Although people cannot trace those back to finished products, they categorize them […]

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mcT 2023: la nuova edizione il 23 novembre a Milano. Oil&Gas, Idrogeno, ATEX e Antincendio, Cyber Security

Mancano pochi mesi a mcT Oil&Gas, in programma a Milano il prossimo 23 novembre, importante iniziativa verticale di riferimento per i professionisti impegnati nel settore del Petrolchimico e dell’Oil&Gas, dell’industria di Processo e dell’Energia. Il tema della transizione energetica è sempre centrale: sebbene le energie rinnovabili stiano crescendo velocemente, il […]

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How to Achieve Better Airflow Management for Effective Data Center Cooling

by Emily Newton Did you know optimizing data center cooling can be as simple as turning your server racks around? Airflow and cooling are vital for success in any data center, but achieving good airflow isn’t as complicated as it might seem. You can use a few simple strategies to […]

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ADIPEC Awards 2023 honours pioneers from UAE, Malaysia, USA, and UK accelerating the energy transition

Abu Dhabi, 3 October 2023 – The ADIPEC Awards 2023 has honoured eight pioneering projects, companies and individuals who are driving transformative change across the global energy system. The winners represent companies and individuals from the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Israel, and the United States. Held under the […]

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6 Essential Tasks You Need for an Effective Solar Panel Maintenance Schedule

by Emily Newton Professional engineers and manufacturers have a responsibility to craft high-quality solar panels. They must adhere to code and withstand the elements to minimize consumer maintenance responsibilities. Manufacturers need to convey necessary information to buyers so they can stay on top of cleaning and preventive upkeep. What are […]

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Megadyne MEGASYNC™: innovating rubber timing belts for dynamic industries In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and power transmission, adaptation and evolution are the keys to remaining at the forefront. Recognizing the significance of this, Megadyne, an industry leader, has embarked on a transformative journey by rebranding their premium rubber endless […]

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Overcoming the Current Transformer Shortage

by Emily Newton People throughout the U.S. and the rest of the globe are dealing with a massive transformer shortage that’s putting electric utilities under increased strain, delaying the construction of new housing developments and more. Here’s what some people are doing to reduce the impact of electric transformer shortage […]

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How Is Technology Building a Better Future for the Construction Industry?

by Emily Newton Technology has been game-changing for industries such as manufacturing and logistics, but it’s also significantly impacting construction. Let’s explore how high-tech improvements will make a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone who depends on or works in the industry. Saving Time It’s incredibly common for construction projects […]

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Come evidenziato dagli ultimi dati disponibili, l’industria nazionale delle valvole Oil&Gas mantiene la sua posizione tra i settori di punta del manifatturiero italiano, con oltre 210 imprese, 9.300 addetti e 2,7 miliardi di euro di fatturato. I due terzi della produzione di valvole sono realizzati in Lombardia, dove Bergamo riveste […]

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What Potential Does Decarbonization Hold to Revolutionize Boiler Systems?

by Emily Newton Boiler systems are some of the most critical pieces of equipment in heavy industries. They’ve powered manufacturing processes and generated heat since the industrial revolution, but as manufacturers’ needs change, so must these systems. The push to decarbonize industrial boilers is especially important. Decarbonization is growing across […]

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How Does AI Make Predictive Maintenance Smarter and Less Costly

by Emily Newton How Does AI Make Predictive Maintenance Smarter and Less Costly Predictive maintenance has long received recognition as a critical strategy for minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing the life span of industrial equipment. A relatively new offset — AI predictive maintenance — introduces entirely new possibilities. […]

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Innovative Technologies for Industrial Waste Recycling

by Erich Lawson In today’s industrial landscape, waste management has become a major concern. With growing environmental awareness and strict regulations, companies are looking for effective solutions for the disposal and recycling of their industrial waste. Fortunately, significant advances have been made in the area of industrial waste recycling and […]

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Dal 24 al 26 ottobre torna a Ravenna OMC-Med Energy, la manifestazione dell’energia

Energia e innovazione per una “giusta transizione”: è l’idea-forza di OMC-MED Energy, la manifestazione dell’energia riprogrammata dal 24 al 26 ottobre dopo il rinvio, dovuto all’ alluvione che ha colpito l’Emilia-Romagna e i territori del ravennate. Sarà, quello di ottobre, un appuntamento che conferma Ravenna al centro dell’agenda energetica globale […]

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Why Heat Exchangers are Important in Cooling Systems for Industrial Processes

by Emily Newton Industrial cooling systems are critical to ensuring equipment works properly. Consequently, choosing the optimal cooling method is crucial — especially for high-volume or sensitive facilities. Industrial heat exchangers are one of the most beneficial types to consider. Heat exchangers come in many forms but all transfer heat between […]

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Idrogeno e rischi esplosione: PBN in prima linea accanto alle aziende.

Lo scorso 18 Maggio, in occasione della Hydrogen Expo, si è tenuto il convegno IL GRANDE PERICOLO DELL’ESSERE GREEN NEL 2023: L’IDROGENO – Come domare un gas esplosivo per ridurre l’inquinamento organizzato da PBN srl. Da sempre in prima linea per sensibilizzare e divulgare la sicurezza negli impianti industriali, l’azienda […]

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OBO Bettermann

Condurre corrente. Trasportare dati. Controllare energia.   OBO Bettermann è un’azienda familiare indipendente, con una tradizione centenaria nella produzione e commercializzazione di soluzioni per la distribuzione elettrica. Fondata nel 1911 da Franz Bettermann, il Gruppo OBO si presenta oggi come una realtà internazionale, che conta oltre 4.000 dipendenti in più di […]

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The Top 7 Ways to Automate Procurement Processes

by Emily Newton Procurement is a vital but often unoptimized part of manufacturing. You must address your supplier relationships to shorten lead times and maximize profit margins as much as possible. That can be complicated, but procurement process automation can help. Benefits of Procurement Process Automation Procurement processes in many manufacturing […]

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The Benefits of Employing a CMMS for Maintenance Management at Data Centers

by Lindsey Walker Did you know that unplanned maintenance can cost you 3-9 times more as compared to planned and preventive maintenance? Can you afford the failure of vital power supply assets due to a missed maintenance schedule? Have you taken any precautionary measures to avoid unscheduled downtime? The Ponemon […]

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4 Reasons Why the Future of Robotics Is in Advanced Sensors and AI

by Emily Newton Robots have come an incredibly long way in a relatively short time, largely due to developments associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced sensors. Here are some eye-opening reasons why robotics’ future relies on AI and advanced sensor technology. 1. These Technologies Promote Safety AI often excels […]

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Autotrasporti Corti

Autotrasporti Corti: solutions for each and every oversize transport  Autotrasporti C orti was founded in 1964 by Mr. Ippolito C orti, and over the years has successfully specialized in: •Heavy loads and special transports •Hire of crane trucks •Installation and assembly of industrial equipment •Engineering applied to transports and heavy […]

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Aria di ottimismo ad HANNOVER MESSE

Gli espositori di HANNOVER MESSE, e i suoi organizzatori in Deutsche Messe, tracciano un bilancio assolutamente positivo dell’edizione di quest’anno: la fiera leader mondiale della tecnologia per l’industria ha dimostrato che le tecnologie per una produzione industriale competitiva e allo stesso tempo rispettosa dell’ambiente ci sono già. Il prossimo passo […]

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What Are the Top 5 Benefits of AR and VR in Manufacturing?

by Emily Newton, Editor in Chief of Revolutionized Magazine Are AR and VR in manufacturing worth adopting? These technologies may be new to the manufacturing industry but they offer several major benefits. Companies can improve their workplace safety, employee performance and more by implementing VR and AR in manufacturing. Here are […]

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Solutions facing the challenges of our times

Industry has to face a wide range of challenges: from climate change and the shortage of energy to unstable supply chains and the shortage of skills. Innovative technologies and a smart economic policy strategy will be needed to successfully meet these challenges. HANNOVER MESSE 2023 offers both: not only a […]

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Understanding the Impact of Digital Transformation in Industry

by Emily Newton, Editor in Chief of Revolutionized Magazine Industrial companies of all types and sizes are at various stages of digital transformation. Most leaders realize they must progress toward using more technologies, but how will the impact of digital transformation affect participating companies? Advanced Digital Transformations Spur Revenue Growth […]

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2023 World Battery Industry Expo (WBE) Formerly Asia Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF ASIA)

China Produced 324GWh of Lithium Batteries in 2021, up by 106% Latest date show that in 2021, China’s lithium battery production hit 324GWh (up 106%), registering a output value of 600 billion RMB. The energy density of advanced ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries has reached an average of […]

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CROSSPOLIMERI SPA ON COMPOUND MARKET FOR 30 YEARS EN Crosspolimeri was created as a share company in 1985 by Giorgio Tittarelli, whose family has worked in the rubber and plastic materials business for over 50 years. Currently Crosspolimeri, with ISO certification, produces thermoplastic and/or crosslinkable compounds in granular form for […]

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MEGADYNE Introduces MEGASYNCTM Titanium belt

    Titanium is a new Megadyne’s Flagship High-Performance Power Transmission Belt which delivers a new level of performance for Synchronous timing belt drive applications. The combination of materials and belt design used to create Titanium have been tested against industry-leading belt brands and proven to deliver outstanding results. The […]

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HANNOVER MESSE punta i riflettori sulla produzione intelligente e sostenibile

HANNOVER MESSE, la fiera leader mondiale delle tecnologie per l’industria, si terrà nel quartiere fieristico di Hannover dal 17 al 21 aprile 2023. All’insegna del tema conduttore “Industrial Transformation – Making the Difference”, gli espositori dimostreranno come la digitalizzazione e la gestione energetica possano dare un importante contributo al risparmio […]

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    Pompe Cucchi progetta, produce e vende pompe ad ingranaggi di trasferimento, pompe ad ingranaggi dosatrici, pompe a pistone ed a membrana dosatrici. Presente da oltre 60 anni nel settore dosaggio e trasferimento fluidi ed opera in accordo al Sistema Qualità ISO 9001 (2008). La produzione è conforme alle […]

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  EN. Everyone has the Right to be SAFE at Work! When it comes to safety, there’s no such thing as too many layers of protection. Properly isolating hazardous power when performing maintenance is critical to mitigating injuries to personnel or damage to equipment. Our safety solutions prevent anyone from […]

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IMPIANTI DI SELEZIONE CAMEC: PROGETTATI PER LE TUE ESIGENZE Gli impianti completi Camec per il trattamento e la trasformazione de rifiuti solidi sono soluzioni tecnologiche funzionali, create su misura per rispondere alle esigenze del cliente e per ottenere il recupero di materie prime secondarie con un elevato grado di qualità […]

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Una eccellente mcT Oil&Gas con risultati prepandemici

Appuntamento ora a Milano il 23 novembre 2023 Si è chiuso con ottimi risultati l’appuntamento con mcT Oil&Gas dello scorso 24 novembre a Milano, importante iniziativa verticale di riferimento per i professionisti impegnati nel settore del Petrolchimico e dell’Oil&Gas, dell’industria di Processo e dell’efficienza per gli impianti. Oltre 800 sono […]

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