Autotrasporti Corti

Autotrasporti Corti: solutions for each and every oversize transport 

Autotrasporti C orti was founded in 1964 by Mr. Ippolito C orti, and over the years has successfully specialized in:
•Heavy loads and special transports
•Hire of crane trucks
•Installation and assembly of industrial equipment
•Engineering applied to transports and heavy lifting
•Project Cargo
•Full and partial truck loads
•Logistic and warehousing

Located in S irone (LC) a few kilometers from Milan, the company currently has two further locations in Northern Italy. A total area of 80.000 square meters enables to meet any needs of storage,
warehousing or goods handling also for medium or long periods .

Autotrasporti C orti is a strong- rooted reality in its territory and offers its customers, all over the world, solutions for each and every oversize transport, industrial disassembly or assembly, movement and lifting activities thanks to its fleet, composed of: lowbed trailers, semitrailers, flatbed trailers, oversize and modular trailers, S PMTs (self-propelled modular trailer), Crane trucks,
Cranes and pick and carry cranes, Forklifts and elevating platforms.

Continuous investments in state- of-the-art vehicles and equipment have provided the company with know-how in the most sophisticated areas of oversized transport and heavy lifting, both
nationally and internationally. The investments also aim to guarantee efficiency, safety and reduction of the environmental impact. E UR OG RU A M ICI 300.20

Autotrasporti Corti has recently purchased a new 300ton capacity mobile crane entirely projected on company requests and needs . Nowadays the company is the only fleet in Europe to own two cranes of this kind, ideal for lifting and handling of industrial machinery inside warehouses and production plants in total safety.

Thanks to the small dimensions (length 9.45 meters and height 3.62 meters), the 3 front steering ax les (Scania Group- System Truck) and the possibility of maneuvering the entire vehicle remotely via radio control, the mobile crane is ideal for lifting and handling machinery and industrial products in total safety.
O ther characteristics are:

-counterweight of 26,000kg consisting of four sections of 5,000kg and two sections of 3,000kg each;
-head tilting in 4 positions capacity 120,000kg;
-possibility of mounting load block up to 160,000kg;
-arm composed of 3 independent telescopic sections (length 6.04 – 17.04 meters);
-the crane is equipped with several cameras (at the front, two at the sides and at the winch) that can be viewed through the two screens mounted in the operator cab -truck travel controls in operator cab;
-hydraulic last ax le lift;
-towing winch;
-120,000kg capacity 3-meter extendable lifting beam with 0.60-meter interval with total length equal to 4.20 meters .

The vehicle is also provided with a 4.0 Technology set-up: the telemetry system – created by Progeco Engineering – allows local and remote reading of the machine’s historical working data, as well as remote access in real time to the system with modification of parameters and functional limits to ensure the highest levels of safety and reduce the operator’s margin of error.
In addition, it offers the remote uploading of instruction and part programs and maintenance and remote diagnosis and/or control system, together with the integration with the factory logistics system and other machines in the production cycle.

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