SELEA, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras

Access control is a fundamental process in the world of industry for monitoring company entrances, because it allows to avoid intrusions. The same process is also applicable to other contexts such as parking areas, accommodation facilities and so on.

SELEA offers a wide range of products for vehicle access control, but not only.


iZero is the name of one of the most compact and easy-to-install cameras among those with ANPR technology. It is a product that integrates with the access control systems made by the most important manifacturers in the sector.

When a gate is large, it is better to opt for the Targa 750, characterized by high precision in all environmental conditions and designed primarily for access control of heavy vehicles.

Access control of heavy vehicles

To tackle the most difficult industrial contexts such as chemical or processing companies, SELEA has designed the Targa 710 Inox model with AISI316L-certified corrosion-proof steel case and “clean glass” protection, useful to reduce the deposit on the glass of the dust present in the environment. The added value of this solution lies in the reduction of the frequency of periodic maintenance due to corrosion, deposit of dust or salt.

Targa 710 Inox

In several cases access control also means analysis of the context and immediate availability of relevant information. For this reason SELEA has created new cameras with built-in sophisticated video analysis algorithms, capable of processing information such as the color of the vehicles, the category of the vehicles, the nationality, the speed and the direction. All this takes shape in the Targa 805VA model.

Targa 805VA

A module for CPS software has also been developed which allows vehicle make and model to be detected and is capable of recognizing more than 400 makes and 9000 models with a high degree of reliability. This is a very useful information in access control to prevent a vehicle with a cloned number plate, and with make and/or model different from the ones of the authorized vehicle, from entering.