Indeva for Industry 5.0

In an intelligent factory conforming to Industry 5.0 principles, man and machine interact smoothly and naturally to achieve the goal of more efficient, ergonomic, safe and economically and ecologically sustainable production.
Scaglia Indeva, with its solid know-how, 50 years of experience in the design of customised solutions for manual handling of loads, 40,000 manipulators installed worldwide, a production of 90 units per month, hundreds of loyal customers in a wide variety of sectors, is the ideal technology partner for the implementation of solutions suitable for Industry 5.0. INDEVA’s range of manipulators includes electronically (Liftronic®) and pneumatically (PN Series) controlled manipulators for handling loads up to 400 kg.

For handling loads of up to 1,000 kg, on the other hand, Scaglia Indeva proposes the innovative INDEVA HOIST, which stands out from the other hoists on the market for being very user-friendly, having no buttons to press and keep pressed and for automatic speed variation; these features contribute significantly to productivity increase.

An INDEVA® manipulator from the Liftronic® series allows the operator to handle the load with almost zero effort, thanks to its ‘intelligent’ electronic control system that automatically detects the weight of the load and counterbalances it in real time, making it as it were weightless. An INDEVA® manipulator allows quick and precise movements that are impossible to achieve with pneumatic manipulators or conventional industrial hoists.

INDEVA® manipulators feature the “float mode” function that enables direct handling with the hands on the load allowing the operator to work as in manual load handling (without a machine aid) and use the natural human ability to coordinate and control movement: load placing can be carried out quickly and precisely without the bouncing typical of pneumatic manipulators; this function is especially useful when the load must be positioned in a confined area.

For this reason, Scaglia INDEVA ranks among the market leaders for load handling solutions, guaranteeing not only high technology and flexibility, but above all attention to the safety and ergonomics of workers, being consistently focusing on providing solutions that improve well-being and safety for the workers involved in material handling operations.