Mechanical tools for industrial use: for each use and processing

Introduction UTCUT srl is an Italian company that specializes in the distribution of mechanical tools, power tools, CNC machine tools, electromechanical and industrial electronics instrumentation, as well as spare parts, software, and related services. The company has been present in the market for over forty years and has acquired a deep knowledge of the industrial market in the aerospace, automotive, earth-moving, and gear sectors. Its values are quality, efficiency, professionalism, competence, dynamism, and an excellent value-for-money ratio, making it a reference point for local competitors .

Platforms for Distribution UTCUT srl distributes its products through three different platforms: the official website, utcut.it, utcut.com for the sale of industrial tools, and utensileriameccanica.com for the sale of mechanical tools . The official website, utcut.it, serves as a platform for showcasing the company ’s products and services. Visitors can browse through a wide range of products and solutions, including mechanical tools, power tools, CNC machines, and industrial electronics instrumentation.
Utcut.com is a separate platform designed specifically for the sale of industrial tools. This platform caters to the needs of industrial customers who require specialized tools and equipment for their specific applications .

Utensileriameccanica.com is a platform that specializes in the sale of mechanical tools . The platform offers a wide range of products, including hand tools, power tools, and pneumatic tools, as well as a variety of accessories and spare parts.

Robotics UTCUT srl is also active in the field of robotics, with a dedicated website robotics.utcut. it. This platform offers a wide range of collaborative robots (cobots) that can be used in industrial
applications. Cobots are designed to work alongside human operators, increasing productivity and safety in the workplace.
Retro -fitting .c om Project The company is now preparing to launch a new project that focuses on retro-fitting. Retro-fitting is the process of adding new technologies and features to used machinery to improve its performance and efficiency. This will allow UTCUT srl to offer its customers high- quality used machinery at a lower cost than new machinery, while still ensuring top performance.The retro-fitting project will be launched on an ecommerce website. This website will be a new platform for UTCUT srl to ex pand its reach and offer its products and services to a
wider audience.