Transform your material handling with Megadyne cutting-edge solutions

Megadyne is a leader in the material handling industry, offering a range of innovative solutions designed to optimise material flow and increase efficiency. Their commitment to research and development has resulted in a product portfolio that includes state-of-the-art power transmission belts . You may ex perience Megadyne latest advancements live at LogiMAT 2023.

Megadyne latest innovations : Powering up material handling operations
Megadyne product portfolio reflects the way the company operates – respecting the environment and people. It is known for its energy efficiency, reliability, and long service lifetime. Megadyne solutions support automated storage and retrieval systems (A S / RS ), transport platforms, offloading and delivery conveyors, diverters, pallet conveyors, roller conveyors, and more. Their R&D Centres collaborate with customers to offer innovative solutions that meet the demands of today ’s market.

Megadyne Megasy ncTM Titanium: The new era in power transmission solutions
One result of such cooperation is the most recent innovation in high- performance synchronous belts – Megasy ncTM Titanium. It provides superior performance even in the most demanding applications . MegasyncTM Titanium is a synonym for a durable and ex tremely stable belt which requires no maintenance and re-tensioning. It is highly resistant to abrasion and vibration.
Its resistance to wear makes the solution operate for much longer. The unquestionable advantage is the reduction of the noise level.

Megalinear R PP14 X HP2: high performance belt
Megalinear R PP14 X HP2 is the most-awaited evolution of the Megalinear product family. The latest addition to the line is an advanced timing belt with increased breaking strength and stiffness, offering higher performance. It’s capable of working under ex treme conditions and high loads while simultaneously delivering the highest level of safety, for instance in crane and lift applications .

Rollpower TM: Reduce costs , increase energy savings Rollpower T M is a powerful advancement needing less maintenance than standard options and offering savings on energy consumption. The belt can reduce power requirements by up to 5%. It is highly resistant to wear, ageing, and abrasion. RollpowerTM eliminates the need for frequent replacements and its antistatic qualities prevent the accumulation of dust and dissipated electrostatic charges . The installation is fast and easy. It is capable of running 50 rollers together. All these factors translate into substantial cost savings .

Visit LogiMAT to discover Megadyne groundbreaking innovations If you are willing to ex perience the above-mentioned solutions and more, visit Megadyne at LogiMAT 2023. This event devoted to the intralogistics industry is held in Stuttgart, Germany, from 25 to 27 April. Megadyne will be at your disposal at booth G31, Hall 1. Whether you are looking to streamline your material handling processes or take them to the next level, Megadyne has the solutions you need. Visit their booth or contact their ex perts to implement optimisations that meet your unique requirements!