Constant innovation is TECHNE’s key to success

A young yet ex perienced organization from Brescia (Italy): founded in 2008 by the passion and dedication of President and CEO Davide Peli, TECHNE specializes in providing services in the field of metrology, inc luding calibrations , 3D measurements and testing.
Today, with a continuously growing turnover and significant investments in cutting-edge machinery, TECHNE employs 25 professionals, work ing together towards one goal: to help companies ensure superior performance.
In order to achieve this goal, TECHNE provides integrated metrology services quickly and with absolute quality, as demonstrated by its Accredia certification.

As a matter of fact, TECHNE is Accredia Center for calibration of temperature sensors, calibrators, and temperature indicators (including on-site services) as well as for the calibration of hygrometers and thermohygrometers (relative humidity).
TECHNE also stands out for its constant commitment into investing in highly performing technologies and machinery.
An ex ample of that is the recent acquisition of a new tomography machine: one service that allows for non-destructive 3D checks and qualitative analysis of products made of different materials .
Another ex ample of this great spirit of improvement is the ex pansion of the ACCREDIA-certified services : the number of furnaces dedicated to the calibration of temperature sensors has been doubled, and a new climatic chamber has been purchased for the calibration of humidity sensors .

“ We can perfectly calibrate measuring instruments of the main physical quantities , including temperature and humidity, for which we are Accredia Center,” explains CEO Davide Peli. “For computed tomography, qualitative analysis and 3D checks , we use state-of- the-art Zeiss machinery, a brand we partner with in our business . We also guarantee the same level of excellence in testing, within our dedicated laboratory.”

For 2024, TECHNE has set another goal to work toward: the completion of a new, entirely self-sustainable headquarter.
“ The energy and ecological transition is a key factor, as well as a path we have already taken with determination. Sure enough, we already run on photovoltaic systems in our current facility ;
we also obtained the IS O 140001 certification and we are on our way to IS O 5000001.”
Finally, it is worth noting the attention given to the local territory and sports , an important tool for conveying values such as passion and commitment. For this reason, TECHNE is partner of the Mille Miglia Museum and sponsor of FC Lumez zane. Last but not least, for the third consecutive season, TECHNE is the main sponsor of the Brescia Basketball Team.

Excellence is measured not only in words but also in concrete facts and behaviors .