R.E.C. … We speak connectors

Founded in 1983 in the outskirts of Milan, R .E .C . has become a benchmark in the interconnect market dedicated to the Industrial Automation, TLC , Avionic and Military sectors. Our Managing Director, Mr. Piero Minotti entered the interconnect industry in 1974 as one of the founding members of Amphenol Italia. After 17 years of working at Amphenol as V P Marketing and S ales he left the company in 1989 to buy a share of Commital company, an Italian assembler of circular connectors .
The Italconnectors part of the Commital company was sold to Glenair, but in the meantime Mr. Minotti continued his mission with connectors by setting up R .e.c . as part of the Commital group, and at present days R .e.c . remains the only Italian company focused solely on connectors .

We represent leading multinationals in various sectors of the Italian market, offering customers a wide range of solutions to the different electrical interconnection needs .
We operate as exclusive agent for American, European, Asian and Japanese firms that produce connectors and wire cables .
Besides distribution, we offer our own production range of connectors, systems, wire cable and cable assembly from our factories based in Turin, Milan and Naples in the south of Italy, as well as partner facilities .  As a result of our strong partnerships and product knowledge, we are able to follow customer needs on special items, designing and finding the best solutions for OEM requests for connectors, wires and cable assemblies, whether for industrial or military markets . On the aerospace side, we can offer NAS A or EASA certified solutions .

Due to our increased warehouse capability and understanding the uncertain environment of the last few years, we can keep stock for annual forecasts, ensuring targeted delivery as required and preventing delays, improving our services to customers .
Our passion and devotion to the interconnect world has led us to provide a fast and reliable customer care service. For any kind of issue, we will try our best to promptly solve and prevent the problem. We are always open for constructive feedback or upgrade suggestions, knowing that it’s never too late to improve and become better.

Since 2017 R .E .C . has been formally certified IS O EN 9120:2018 as military / aerospace part supplier and distributor, in this way we are able to offer a complete service for every market under any situation.

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