IVR Industrial Furnaces & Automation is specialised in the realization and supply of systems for the heat treatment

IVR has a long-term experience in this field. The design and manufacture of our furnaces and plants are carried out directly in our workshop. Also, the software for the management of our installation is an in-house activity. This working choice give us the possibility to check every project at every stage and to guarantee an excellent construction and realization. Beside this, IVR believes that it is very important to work closely with the customer at every stage of the project, to confront each other continually together and reach the goal within the set deadline.
Our furnaces and plants are installed directly by our technical teams, that means supervisors and technicians with a huge experience in the field of heat treatment machines. Our technical teams are also available for the after sales; in particular we plan together with our customers maintenance programs, in order not to interrupt the production and use the plants in a correct way.
Maintenance programs are very important because it is possible to reduce the stops of the machines and also the costs of maintenance.

IVR pays particular attention to staff training and its constant updating by researching and applying the most advanced, safe and high-performance solutions.
Another advantage in choosing IVR as supplier for the plants is that we rely on a significant experience concerning the technical part and the heat treatment process, completed by high competence about energy-saving, environmental analysis and cost- cutting. That guarantee to our company a unique professionalism in the conception, realization and installation of high-quality products with a relevant technological value.

We are always searching for continuous improvement and this is extremely important in this period where we must be ready to face the continuing difficulties resulting from the period of health emergency and the current situation of instability worldwide. Concerning our production, our plants are suitable for various types of heat treatment, for example: wire patenting process, tubes heat treatment, gas carburizing, hardening with quenching in salt, water, oil and polymer; tempering; annealing; stress relieving; normalization; solution annealing; carbonitriding; nitriding, brazing, sintering, aluminium process T4-T5-T6. Depending on the material and the process, different types of plants can be used such as:
•Seal batch furnaces for hardening, gas carburizing, carbonitriding with quenching in oil, salt or polymers;
•Mesh belt furnaces for hardening, gas carburizing, carbonitriding with quenching in oil, salt or polymers;
•Belt furnaces for brazing with atmosphere, with or without muffle;
•Continuous furnaces for patenting process;
•Cast belt link furnaces for forged parts with or without atmosphere, for several type of heat treatment processes, for example quenching or isothermal annealing, etc.;
•Sintering furnaces;
•Gas nitriding furnaces in horizontal or vertical load configuration;
•Pushing furnaces;
•Pit furnaces for hardening, gas carburizing, carbonitriding with quenching in oil, salt or polymers;
•Special furnaces made on customer specifications;
•Accessories for heat treatment plants, such as endothermic generators gas or electric heated.

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