Megadyne reveals the future of Food Safety as it introduces its new XMD metal and X-Ray detectable timing belt range

For the Food Industry, nothing is more important than Food Safety, and contamination from belt or cleat fragments is one of the clearest threats to product purity and brand trust. At the same time, processing lines need to operate at peak productivity to achieve business success. The Megadyne XMD range of Metal and X-Ray detectable timing belts and accessories are designed so that belt fragmentation and contamination from belt particles can be identified quickly and efficiently, without compromising on superior performance.
Megadyne, a global leader in belting and a member of the AMMEGA Group of companies, introduced these new belts at this year’s IFFA, the world’s showcase for the Meat Industry as slicers up to the primary packaging equipment needs.

How it works
Megadyne’s XMD belts – including open end, endless joined, and truly endless belts from the popular Megalinear and Megaflex families – and their accessories are manufactured using a special blue polyurethane; in fact, the belts are made entirely in blue, a colour that contrasts best with most food products for further hygiene benefits. The polyurethane compound can be picked up by Metal and X-Ray detectors, meaning that fragments not readily visible to an onlooker will be spotted by the Food Safety system in place, alerting end users to potential contamination and belt fragmentation.
Test cards to proof detection and identify the minimum size
To ensure that this detection is taking place, and to operate at your company’s standard level of efficiency, Megadyne has developed test cards that come with the XMD belts. With the help of the test cards, and the presence of the special compound in all the belts and accessories of the XMD ranges, food companies can truly say they’re doing their utmost to fight against product contamination due to belt issues, all while partnering with a Food Grade global standard-setter in high-performance belting solutions. Giuseppe Allais, Global Industry Segment Manager Food, points out that: “With Metal and X-Ray detectable belts and a test card toolkit that enables end users to fine-tune their detection systems, the Megadyne XMD range helps prevent product contamination, and brand damage from expensive recalls. In this way, these belts protect the consumer and the industry at the same time.”

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