Zincatura Bresciana


The quality of a manufacturing process is due to the combination of two components: man work and technological performance. Zincatura Bresciana has made them, together with sustainability, the key features of its services.
We are in the years of the economic boom, when Italy, a country mainly based on agriculture, opens up to industrial development. Zincatura Bresciana was born in Verolanuova (BS) in 1960 in a climate of ferment and innovation. The company grows by integrating itself into the economic reality of the area, accompanying its evolutions and changes. 1997 marks the great turnaround: Mario Telefri, already customer and leading manufacturer of fibreglass silos, acquires the majority shares and becomes the owner of Zincatura Bresciana, with the aim of transforming it into a
national reference point for the sector.
The hot dip galvanizing tank, inaugurated in 2000 together with the new factory, is among the biggest in Europe and represents the heart of this process. Foresight and investments – in technology, software and human resources – drive the growth of the company until the entry of the second generation of entrepreneurs, Luigi and Dayana Telefri. This is how the current relevance of Zincatura Bresciana, a company of the Telefri Group with an advanced and dynamic profile, is redesigned.

Green galvanizing and qualified consultancy Today, the company offers multiple services related to hot dip galvanizing, which is confirmed as an ideal solution for protecting products of all types and sizes from corrosion. The processing, indeed, takes place using zinc with a degree of purity SHG 99.995, higher than the minimum limit imposed by international regulations. The 2,70-meter width of the tank adds flexibility, as it allows even the most sensitive products to deformation to be galvanized in the best position.
All this, according to eco-friendly processes: the company cooperates with universities and experts to implement the chemical composition of the zinc bath, which is lead-free. The automatic temperature control of the drying oven also reduces the thermal impact between the product to be dipped and the galvanizing
bath, limiting the emissions of white fumes. Together with lead-free treatments, Zincatura Bresciana supports customers in every industrial sector with additional packing list services, technical consultancy, pre and post galvanizing assistance, covered storage of the material, passivation process, logistics and transportation. The attention to quality
is shown by the various certifications obtained: ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, for environment and ISO 45001: 2018 regarding safety at work. Other certifications obtained are HQZ and Dast 022 which are niche certifications in the hot dip galvanizing sector for the Italian and German markets.

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