Sustainability is a term that today needs to be included in every aspect of the company, from waste management in an office environments to the reuse of materials in production.
For this reason, over the years, Grazioli Cesare Srl has introduced changes and improvements in every area of the company, looking for opportunities for reduction, reuse and waste recycling. The SDGs defined at global level are very ambitious goals and required a significant and constant evolutionary process over time. In line with this philosophy, at Grazioli we decided to take the first step by trying to adapt the industrial tube deformation machines that we have been producing since 1962, as much as possible to the 4 Rs of sustainability.
A process that has involved designers, technicians and operators in research and development at the highest levels, to maintain the quality guaranteed by Grazioli brand and at the same time to contribute towards the protection of the planet. After 3 years of research, we can say with pride and satisfaction that we have taken big steps in the right direction and we have a bright road ahead of us that will lead us to the goal of full sustainability.

1-Refuse: ecological and multi porpose packaging, plastic free environment
2-Reduce: electricity consumption reduction, waste reduction
3-Reuse: interchangeable tools, revamping
4-Recycle: closed circuit oil lubrication with filter chambers 2022, the company’s sixtieth year in business, marks the official publication of a second Grazioli patent.

After the one filed in 1975, we worked on working units applied to our transfer system with electromechanical operation, in order to reduce the amount of mineral oils needed to operate the system. We are now patent holder of this application.
A technological choice that pushes mechanics towards a new frontier of sustainability, a sustainability that day after day aims to become a quality standard of excellence.
Introducing sustainability into the production sector has been a major trial for all of us.
To say that it was easy would be a lie, but we were happy to face the challenge; on the contrary, it gave us a chance to use all our technical know-how and to learn new skills.Innovation makes sense if it brings benefits and it respects the development of future generations. This has been our philosophy. We have a long way to go and there is still much we can do in this regards. We
are ready and not afraid of challenges, especially since the well-being of all of us is at stake.

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