For the Italian technology leader in high-tech machines for cold and hot wire forming, the year 2022 will be all about innovation, research, and development.
Forecasts are difficult in times of a pandemic – but one thing is for certain: Carlo Salvi, the Italian expert for high-tech cold and hot wire forming machines, will continue to focus on its inventive spirit and innovative power in 2022. “We work on a number of projects, and they all have a common denominator: our vision of the future,” reports Marco Pizzi, Chief Commercial Officer at Carlo Salvi. Into the spotlight: CS 513 TH Marco Pizzi: “At the trade show WIRE 2022 in Düsseldorf from June 20-24 we will showcase our new combined machine model CS 513 TH. It represents a new chapter in our company history – the first progressive header with integrated pointing and threading unit opens up a new market segment and will reduce the investment costs for our customers.”
On the CS 513 TH, components are cold formed and subsequently pointed and threaded in order to obtain different kind of threads and grooves. “Actually, we had planned to present the machine in 2020 already, but we needed to postpone it because of the Covid pandemic. In the meantime, with implemented improvements on the technology of the machine,” states the C.C.O.

Attention to detail, optimized efficiency
The progressive five-die-header with integrated pointing and threading unit can process wires with a diameter of six to 13,5 millimeters. The minimum and maximum thread diameter is M6 and M12. The machine layout has been developed “in line“: In ergonomics for the operator, the units are positioned in parallel. The threading movement is driven by a desmodromic cam for a gradual deformation and perfect synchronization between ram movement and introduction of the parts into the flat dies. A control system brings optimized efficiency, and a special device prevents two parts from being fed into the flat dies at the same time. The flat dies housing is suitable for bigger flat dies thicknesses for materials with high mechanical resistance.

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