BFT Burzoni has been offering innovative tools and solutions for metalworking machining for almost 50 years.
The company was born in 1974 from the will of Alberto Burzoni whose strong personality still reflects in the company staff making it active and dynamic work place.
The company is focused on its customers satisfaction since its foundation and has developed high quality and technology tools for chip removal.
For this reason and thanks to the continuous updating, BFT Burzoni has become an important point of reference in the metal chip removal field.
With a stock of 10 million parts in 60.000 prompt delivery items, the company fulfills the needs of all sectors in the mechanical engineering, Oil & Gas and mould industries.
BFT Burzoni tools are suitable for steels, stainless steels, cast irons, aluminium, copper, titanium, heat resistant super alloys and Inconel.
The company guarantees very fast delivery times thanks to a well-stocked warehouse and offers the possibility of tailor-made solutions. In fact, BFT Burzoni’s technical department realizes special products made according to the customer’s specific needs.
The extensive network of BFT’s commercial agents carefully assists the customers at every stage of the partnership from the decision-making until after-sales process.

BFT Burzoni can offer high technical knowledge and quality products, prompt reply during negotiations and, above all, good solutions for machining operations.
The wide range of products include turning tools, solid carbide milling cutters, HSS-E drills and cutters, solid carbide drills and cutters, insert and cusp drills, taps and reamers, tool holders and modular systems and a wide range of indexable milling cutters with different grades of inserts.
Among the new entries for the 2022 catalogue, we find the TJN200 line: the latest solution for high feed milling with a negative double-sided insert and four cutting edges.
TF100, the new patented insert finishing system. The toric and multi-cutting geometry of the head represents the best choice for semi-finishing and finishing of moulds.
Extreme performance new entries include:
-HULK, this very robust solid carbide cutter, is capable of working slots from solid up to 1.5xD and milling materials such as carbon steels, stainless steels and cast irons.
-The 4PDS-5PDS solid carbide milling cutters bring a definitive solution for the machining of stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys. BFT has integrated this line with a short version that guarantees maximum stability and excellent finishes.
-RUNNER is the line of solid carbide cutters which can drill from solid at 90°, perform ramping at 45° and has differentiated pitch, guaranteeing it high performance on all types of materials both in roughing and finishing.

Finally, BFT Burzoni also provides services designed to respond to customer needs with practical solutions, such as the Panther Box, the resharpening and recoating kit that enables you to give a second lease of life to drills, cutters and taps in high-speed steel and hard metal.

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