JOTUN – STEELMASTER FAQS Find out the best fire protection option for your structure

1.What is SteelMaster?
SteelMaster is Jotun’s range of thin film intumescent coatings which can be used to protect structural steel against cellulosic fire for anywhere between 30 minutes and 180 minutes. SteelMaster is typically used in airports, shopping malls, factories, buildings and power plants.
2.What is thin film intumescent fire protection?
Thin film intumescent coatings provide reactive fire protection. The thin coating, covering structural steel, swells to insulate the metal, however this reactive method will only work in a fire situation and remain inert. Due to the changing physical form, fire protection is achieved by thermal insulation that provides a cooling effect.
3.Which materials can SteelMaster be used for fire protection?
Jotun’s SteelMaster range is primarily applied to the structural steel used in a building/structured frame. SteelMaster can be also used over galvanised steel providing the substrate is suitably primed and that the appropriate fire rating can be achieved through this.
4.Can SteelMaster be used to fire protect structural steelwork for the oil and gas industry?
In areas where a hydrocarbon fire may occur, SteelMaster is not suitable. However, another Jotun product such as an epoxy intumescent coating like Jotachar would work for this sector.

5.What are some of the key benefits of SteelMaster?
The application process of Steelmaster takes less time due to the quick thin film drying time and efficient and easy airless spray application method.
6.How long does the SteelMaster fire protection last?
Jotun as a company offer warranties, if the applied SteelMaster is maintained correctly in can last the lifetime of the building.
7.Is it recommended to have SteelMaster fire protection applied to all steel, including connecting steel sections i.e. bolt heads?
Yes. All steel featured in a structure is required to have the same level of fire protection throughout. Therefore, bolt heads and any joining beams should be suitably prepared and primed with the same SteelMaster-level protection.
8.Which primers and topcoats can be used with the SteelMaster range?
Only primers and topcoats approved by Jotun should be used to ensure the maximum capabilities of the fire protection is enforced.
9.Can SteelMaster protection be applied on site to a structure?
Yes, this method provides many benefits for applicators: there is no touch up required from transport damage; there is a faster delivery and erection of steel from the procurement process is
the fire protection is applied on site; and technical support is available when working with applicators to achieve the highest possible quality.

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Vaira Vesnaver Marketing Executive Jotun Italia