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At ISS International SpA we look ahead to anticipate solutions to our clients. That’s why years ago we invested into an amazing engine to support our digital view, the PYXIS environment.
The Engine converts any CAD size and format into an intelligent VR interactive scenario, ready to be developed for engineering, training, and asset management targets.
You can manage different plants, in different location, being there but staying at your desk. Jump into your refinery in Mexico for a toolbox meeting with your site team and then check operations of your petchem in Malaysia without loosing time and minimizing logistics costs as well as CO2 emissions.
Full integration with control systems, thanks to embedded OPC DA/DH protocol; ergonomic and scalable data driven development and synchro with external BD, like CMMS, are few of our incredible potentials.
PYXIS runs natively with multidevice, to enjoy it at best according to the scope and client’s preferences.
It runs with standard monitors, head mounted display, 3D monitor, Igloo Dome installations and recently integrated with the total body controller. At Adipec 2021, ISS presented the total body controller premiere, attracting huge interest and appreciations by several operators and main contractors.
Total body controller, integrated with head mounted display allows the best full immersive experience. A top feature for field training where operators can simulate actions by walking and running across the plant, also on multi-player mode where the trainer supervises trainees as well as for multidiscipline integrated training where mechanics, operators, electrical and instrumentation personnel can simulate operations together like in real.

PYXIS technology puts the Digital Twin as focal point, surrounded by our engineering studies that converge into the Digital Twin itself. Your virtual plant became the unique reference point, where information finds their proper allocation. This allows to easily manage project progress, minimize misinformation and misunderstanding between doc’s revisions and between different entities typically are involved in high complexity projects.
Market is now ready to support Digital development, by increasing effort on data consistency along the supply chain.
ISS International SpA group, with PYXIS, supports its client along this industrial revolution where who’s waiting to move risks to stay out.
With our foreign offices, spread in 4 continents, we grant project proximity and primary class services supported by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 37001 and SA8000 certifications.
Contact us for further information, look for more on our youtube channel and book your demo.
We’re open to develop pilot projects supporting our clients with the proactive approach which characterized ISS International SpA along these 18 years, because WE ARE Iss International spA, WE ARE EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING WE DO.

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