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Powercap Infinity by Spring Protection: total protection and safety

The Powercap Infinity is the new ventilated helmet from JSP, world leader in the production of protective helmets.
It is the first PPE that allows total protection to the spore of the neck: the Powercap is a certified helmet ideal for falls from above.
It offers TH3 respiratory protection against all types of dust, and it has a visor with high impact resistance that at the same time reduces eye strain and eliminates fogging.
Based on a modern fall protection helmet, it presents sensors that allow to adjust the air flow according to the user’s respiratory needs and has LEDs and sound
alerts to inform about the conditions of the filters and the low battery. The ability to mount hearing protection  headphones as an accessory completes the extraordinary level of protection offered by the helmet.
Further then appropriated certifications, it is also equipped with reflective bands for night work, the ability to record ear muffs for airports, stations, tunnels, tunnels, fitted with 2 P3 dust filters.

The most important thing is the absence of pipes or cables that would hinder its use and reduce its comfort. The air flow is automatically controlled by a microprocessor as well as LEDs to display the operation before use, making it smart in all respects.
The applications are manifold for the protection of workers on the landing strips of airports, warehouses, railway stations, subways, road works, construction,
industry, carpentry and many more.

It offers TH3 respiratory protection, with a rated protection factor of 500.
The visor with mechanical impact resistance of grade B allows you to use the helmet without eye strain. Small protective films can be applied to the viewer to preserve its quality.
Powercap Infinity complies with and meets the requirements of EN 12941: 1998 + A2: 2008 TH3 on respiratory protection. EC682736 certificate provided by
the British body BSI.

Viewer: EN 166: 20011.B
Helmet EN 397: 2012 + A1:2012

All the parts can be disassembled, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. The airflow of the Infinity Power Cup has been studied in the aerodynamic laboratory to
guarantee anti-fog on the face and prevent problems with dry eyes.

Find out more:
http://www.springprotezione.com/agricoltura/ powercap-infinity/