Cleaning and disinfection appliance for cleaning BA masks Important hygiene features of TopClean M by MEIKO

Mask wearers and emergency operatives require safety – so do mask cleaners and respiratory protective equipment technicians!
Machine cleaning with the MEIKO TopClean M speeds up work and improves hygiene in respiratory protective equipment workshops. The following features and functions make the cleaning process especially safe and reliable.
The TopClean M cleaning and disinfection appliance by MEIKO can be relied upon to clean BA masks hygienically.

These are its top hygiene features:
Permanently pressurised rack: the regulators are connected to the rack, pressurised and then cleaned (patented technology).
• Moisture cannot get into the regulators during the cleaning and disinfection process
• Maximum process reliability

Longer running times: process temperatures are permanently monitored. If the prescribed values are not reached, the running time of the cleaning programme is extended automatically.
• Tested and safe cleaning process

Door locking: once the programme has started, the cleaning and disinfection process cannot be interrupted and the wash chamber cannot be opened.
• Operation cannot be interrupted (by employees or in the event of a power failure)
• Closed, valid, safe cleaning process
• No risk of injury to the respiratory protective equipment technician (occupational safety)

Temperature shown on display: so you know what is going on in the cleaning process.
• Water temperatures of 60 degrees ensure hygiene safety – in combination with chemicals, contact time and washing mechanics (chemothermal process)
• See and assess efficacy in destroying thermolabile (heat-sensitive) pathogens

Modular rack system: one base rack – multiple inserts.
Equally suitable for BA masks, regulators, self contained breathing apparatus or combined equipment.
• Optimum positioning of PPE (personal protective equipment)
• Ideal for cleaning the individual parts of PPE

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