Customizable and innovative solutions. That’s how Smetar becomes a reference point in food furniture, Retail furniture and warehouse logistics.
With a production all “tailored”, Smetar is a leading player in the field of design and manufacture of shelves, metal shelves, industrial structures and modular systems, with different kind of integration and automation. Moreover, the experience gained over the years has allowed the company to establish itself also in the field of turnkey solutions.
Smetar was founded in 1985 with the aim to develop and provide a full service in large-scale distribution, food and no-food in each specific phase: storage, handling, exposition and sale.
The consolidated operating ground has allowed the company to obtain numerous references including Divella, Cardinale Group and Trony, and to put in place its great experience with every kind of request and special execution. Continuous innovation has always been of extreme importance for Smetar, which is born with a strong future-oriented attitude.
Starting point for the company is the warehouse. It is here, in fact, that the goods need to be prepared in an orderly and safe way. Thanks to a careful selection of materials and a correct design of spaces, it has been possible to pull down warehouse inefficiency and to obtain important economic advantages such as:

•More space for logistics, with a clearer and more orderly arrangement;
•Major operational efficiency improvements;
•Reduction of working times and costs related to management;
•Reduction of accidents at work;
•Reduction of loss of the goods;
•Reduction of damage related to the goods.

In compliance with the legislation on safety at work, Smetar is able to provide appropriate and customizable solutions through the conception of prevention systems. For example, the use of the yellow colour to give greater visibility to the forklift operator, or protection bumpers, useful to avoid impacts. Customizable and cutting-edge solutions can also be obtained for the back-office, with reception that will be able to enhance the presentation of products.

Turnkey solution
The experience gained in thirty years of activity, critically important for turnkey projects, has allowed the company to develop solutions that best adapt to customer. For this, Smetar does not resort to standard proposals. Every reality needs different needs, both in terms of scope and exposure. A team of twelve people, including architects and engineers, will be at your side from the conception to the planning of the structure.

Covid-19 and the different design of spaces

As of today, in line with the ministerial provisions regarding Covid-19, the way to conceive the spaces has changed. The demands coming from the market are very clear: wider spaces that allow maintaining the right distance in order to prevent infections. But also here, Smetar promotes new ideas and new projects, designed ad hoc and with the aim of ensuring compliance with the current legislation.

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