Equipping enclosure covers inside control boxes and cabinets to make better use of space

Waldenburg – With the new cover installation concept from R. STAHL for Ex control boxes and cabinets a well arranged layout of enclosures is realized.
Cover installation refers to installing components directly onto the backside of the enclosure cover, rather than on mounting rails deep in the
control stations as usual.
Enclosures that are equipped in this way are extremely easy to maintain. Actuators and control elements positioned underneath them, which are
fitted directly to the captive hinge cover so that they are accessible, can also be replaced extremely easily.
In just a few steps, the contact blocks and LED pilot lights can be positioned safely and precisely underneath the actuator and can be wired and controlled conveniently from below.
There is then far more free space for transparent structures inside the enclosure, compared to the conventional method of installation.
The level with the R. STAHL panel mount components inside the enclosure cover is separated from the wiring level with terminal blocks in the enclosure base – each level can be accessed independently.
The cover for the 8150 enclosure series from R. STAHL can be equipped with 2- and 4-pole control switches, contact blocks and LED pilot lights.
Cover installation allows up to three switching elements to be fitted underneath an actuator.
Alternatively, conventional mounting rail installation enables up to four switching elements to be installed under an actuator. R. STAHL offers a wide range of built-in components and actuators and supplies custom-fit finished configurations in enclosures that are sized optimally to meet their users’ needs.
A choice of control stations made of stainless steel or glass fibre reinforced polyester resin are available.
They have obtained international and regional certification for all key economic areas, allowing these products to be used worldwide.

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