Linearteck Srl, manufacturer of Litek®

Linearteck is the first Italian Linear Systems Center authorized by Schaeffler® and it is a national distributor, for the industrial sector, of Stabilus, Lifto- Mat, Bloc-o-Lift gas springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.
Linearteck excels in the market of packaging, picking and placing and automatic machines for the drawing, planning and construction of linear modules under the Litek® brand: an innovative product, customizable, adaptable to any customer need, with both belt (with wheels on shafts or with recirculating ball carriages) and screw handling; fast or slow use, rigid or flexible, double or single guide, with profiled or recirculating ball bearings.
The field of application of our products is wide: versatility at low cost, various uses and multiple combinations, possibility of mechanical interface for gearboxes / motors of famous extra European and European manufacturers, ranging over different functional types, with various degrees of protection.
The Litek® linear module is specially designed and made to measure, complete with gear motors or force input only, assembled in a cross, portal, cantilever, pair, orthogonal, corner, with multiple carriages, blocked or idle.
Everything is aimed at reach the best “automation in motion” solutions.
A flexible production choice, which allows Linearteck to operate in certain times, to meet customized needs and requests, and also allows the assembly to be carried out in a functional way, virtual with 3D modeling first, then physically at the bench.
The purpose of this flow is to create redundancy to eliminate any kind of inconsistency between the project and the final product.
The three-dimensional drawing of the linear unit, or of the whole group of established dimensions, can be sent by e-mail and returned once approved, at the request of the customer, who evaluates its compatibility and dimensions. Testing, packaging and shipping close the cycle of Litek® products.