The needs of our customers have been at the centre of our new and improved SteelMaster range of protective coatings.

At Jotun, we have spent the past two years researching and developing the range to ensure our extensive fire protection offerings were ready to lead in the current market, retaining our reputation for safety and aesthetic specifications for our customers.
The result? One of the most competitive product ranges on the market, backed up with being environmentally friendly, as well as being cost and time efficient too.
During this period of growth and development for the SteelMaster range, the focus has been firmly on ensuring the product excels from the perspective of our clients.
As such, a crucial aspect has been the formulation and application testing processes.
We needed to make sure our products were economically and ergonomically effective for our customers. Testing our SteelMaster range in 1.5-m2 furnaces on site in Norway, in temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees, guaranteed the new formulation was both consistent and competitive with the exacting protection requirements that have come to be expected with the SteelMaster brand.

Our one-component waterborne acrylic thin-film intumescent coating is a testament to this process of research and development. One of the key areas we improved is the cutting-edge technology in drying water-based paint, in all environments: come rain or shine. Several challenges present themselves with this. Crucially, the application and maintenance of water-based coatings and the sensitivity to moisture and weather conditions were considered to ensure the most competitive option on the market.
In addition, the reduction in environmental impact is a real benefit, with significantly less carbon emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) involved with the development, production and application of this type of fire protection.
The viscosity of the products and ease of application are some of the main distinguishing features for the new SteelMaster offerings, with fewer coats required, all easily applied. This leads to both cost and time savings during application. Our experience in technical innovation gave us the confidence and assuredness that we could improve and excel with our fire protection range in this way.
Looking to the future of Jotun and the SteelMaster range, we are continuously improving our ranges and development processes in order to keep delivering the most competitive and environmentally friendly intumescent fire protection on the market. SteelMaster is globally
approved to national country standards and delivers to countries across the world. With 64 companies and 40 production facilities on all continents, Jotun is represented in over 100 countries.

For further information:
Vaira Vesnaver
Marketing Executive