Do you feel that making mobile your IBM Maximo® experience is too complex?

Even not considering Asset Management apps on the same stage of B2C apps (which are usually for free), do you consider the IBM Maximo® “mobilization” cost as unreasonable and unsustainable?

It is surely a pity, because an agile access to your asset and operation data can bring you a huge value and can significantly improve your user’s experience:

-making available on the field all the information people do need (how-to instructions, technical documentation to browse, logistic indications and safety related constraints and precautions rules and advices)
-helping to accurately communicate, and in real-time, what is happening on the field (how many times unformal, incorrect, delayed or even incomprehensible com-
munications worsen the situation or do not allow timely and effective corrective action?)
-enabling timely and precise reporting about the details of the task performed (how many times central Engineering depts do claim about incomplete, generic and
“adjusted” information, because of ex-post reporting at the end of the route within the plant or worst at the end of the shift?)
So, why give up?

OMNIMaxApp+ is a bundle of mobile apps designed to facilitate a mobile access to IBM Maximo® and overcome the obstacles mentioned, with reason-
able and sustainable investment.
-natively integrated with IBM Maximo ®, leveraging nextgen rest api technology
-signature security and navigation rules inherited from IBM Maximo®
-non pervasive, in respect of the existing IBM Maximo® data model and processes
-configurable and adaptable, without code changes
-available for on-line and off-line interoperability
-full leverage of the technology available on the device

(i.e. camera for BarCode/QRCode scanning or attachment management)

-available for IOS and Android
-compliant with the IBM Maximo® licensing model
Designed to help:
-any employee (stalling and travelling)
-Supervisors and Maintenance Managers
-Maintenance Technicians
-Auditors and Inspectors
-Inventory Clerks

OMNIMaxApp+ easy, flexible, reliable and economically sustainable.