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As easy as an app: Cloud-based construction cost management

With its NOVA BIM 5D software, the young German company NOVA Building IT has developed an important innovation for the construction industry: The very first entirely web-based application for construction cost management and project control.
NOVA BIM is a software for all operating systems and all devices with internet access. As an online service it enables you to work on your construction projects from wherever you are – without download or installation, and without having to worry about data backup or software updates. The steadily growing user community from all over the world shows that architects, project planners and civil engineers are successfully using the advantages of cloud-based collaboration.
Data sharing for more efficient collaboration NOVA BIM offers everything you would expect from any state-of-the-art software ensuring a successful construction cost management, including cost planning, quantity determination, tendering, price comparison, awarding contracts, bills of quantities, target-performance comparison, invoicing and cost analysis. But NOVA BIM goes far beyond, because the entire workflow benefits from a web-based software as it leaves time-consuming data exchange behind.

“The decisive advantage of a cloud solution is the common database, which is always up-to-date and accessible to the respective stakeholders involved. That saves a lot of time and thereby a large part of the costs,” says Felix Grau, Managing Director of NOVA Building IT. “For us cloud computing is the key to an efficient, modern construction cost management.”

So NOVA BIM supports real time communication and improves cooperation between various project partners and reduces error potential as a result.

Enhanced quality with Building Information Modeling (BIM)
The BIM add-on is a valuable project management tool which enables the visualization of all data in a construction model such as measurements, quantities and costs.

Based on the Open BIM & IFC open standards, 3D models can be imported from all common CAD systems and further processed in NOVA BIM. The “digital twin” of a building under construction can considerably boost the efficiency of construction projects. With its tremendous information density on the one hand, but increased transparency on the other, BIM models help to make construction cost management less complex and error-prone. In NOVA BIM the 3D model was extended to so called 5D connecting even the time and cost planning dimension to it.

Software as a service

NOVA BIM 5D is a software as a service (SaaS) solution, which means you only use and pay according to your individual needs and avoid high acquisition costs. NOVA users can choose from a range of different combinations of the modules for tendering, contract award, invoicing, BIM and controlling as they can modify their package or unsubscribe at any time. Moreover there is free access to the customer support and hotline services.

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