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How to combine a durable water treatment system with the need of Sustainable Business

Safety and Sustainability are nowdays necessary key features for any application in industrial sectors, where Water Treatment System (WTS) plays a key role on the overall environmental foot print.
The WTS design must aim to respect local norms and regulations and, in some cases, «Zero Liquid Discharge» (ZLD) is the only way to fulfill this need. ZLD process treats and recycles all the polluted water as fresh water, producing only solid waste.
Fores Engineering, in cooperation with its partner Danieli Environmmental Systems (DESY), design and provide turnkey solutions with up-to-date tecnologies for specific water treatment applications that matches the most stringent requirements, coupled with a robust practice on the overall process. Fores Engineering 30 years of experience in gas/fluids conditioning accrued in O&G, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors, coupled with the strong industrial reference base of DESY, is a valuable one-stop-shop to serve the market with a wide range of applications, with the presence of very different requirements and boundary conditions.
As a matter of fact, WTSs may fit into variety of purposes such as sanitary (sewage, potable), chemical process, oil well reinjection and oil/water separation.
For any of the above, different tecnologies may be elected (membrane, Ion Exchange, Lamella separation) and the solution may be configured in skid or plant type, in order to avail the best optimisation on the client/ project specific needs/KPIs.

Eventually, only through a proper design and a tailored industrial execution, the overall performances and the lifecycle operations of the plant can be guaranteed.
This element is strongly important when the WTS is installed on complex set-ups, like the living quarter of an O&G offshore platforms.
Leveraging on a large experience on Offshore projects, last year Fores Engineering has been awarded of a WTS supply for an offshore platform to be operated by a world first class oil company in the development of an important oil field in North Sea.
The «shortly to be commissioned» WTS is devoted to the platform accommodation module and will avail comfortable and safe “work and rest” conditions, while complying to stringent environmental emissions, for a total capacity of nearly 90 workers and employers lodged on board of the platform.
… a 100 Years “Young” Venture.
Fores Engineering is part of the Rosetti Marino Group of Companies, an Italian Group, founded in 1920, that provides integrated solutions and services to several industrial sectors including Oil&Gas, Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical, Power Generation, Shipbuilding and SuperYacht.

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