Nothing is too difficult with CTS by your side

“Strategy, training and equipment, so we fight the crisis and create new business opportunities.” Is the General Manager of CTS S.p.A. – Dr. Marco Melandri – who explains firsthand what is the group’s vision. “Work is not something that exists in itself, but must be created day by day, dealing with the client, understanding its needs and studying ad hoc solutions to implement its production processes: this is our recipe for development. Therefore, we constantly invest in the training of all our staff, the real first resource, trying to develop the skills of each worker and enhance their ideas.”
CTS S.p.A. is a company specialized in exceptional transport and industrial handling and positioning, active for over 20 years in the ceramic, oil & gas, power, shipbuilding and mechanical, civil and industrial engineering sectors, able to offer its services both in Europe and in all countries bordering the Mediterranean basin as successfully done many times.
CTS S.p.A. it has about 40 direct employees, and almost as many indirect ones. With its 80 Scheuerle self-propelled axles reaches an overall handling capacity of over 2,500-tons. It owns a fleet of vehicles dedicated to exceptional transport that includes around 50 trailers and semi-trailers of the most varied types, 1,100-ton
capacity gantry systems, various hydraulic lifting and translation systems (up to 400-ton capacity) and load cells for certified weighing and testing.
There is also the Idorgrù KT300, the first crane of its kind, which combines the latest electronics generation (with Industry 4.0 certification) with unparalleled lifting capacity, especially inside the plants, under their roof, where the heights are limited.
Last outpost, but not least, is in Mozambique, where the ROCA Moçambique headquarters were recently inaugurated by CTS S.p.A. together
with 9 other Italian companies operating in the oil & gas sector.
When we asked to Melandri what gives more motivation at work, the answer we get was “Our greatest joy is what we see in our customer’s eyes after a well performed job.”