Agibi Progetti

Agibi Progetti, since 2001 in the supply of machinery and installations for the heat treatment

Agibi Progetti is company in Verona (Italy) operating since 2001 in the supply of machinery and installations for the heat treatment of small metal parts. Born in San Giovanni Lupatoto, thanks to the long experience of the founder Agostino Bortolazzi, today the company is led by a young and dynamic team of partners that works with passion and determination.
Agibi Progetti is a mix of technology, innovation and constant research with the goal of solving customer’s problems, finding the best and efficient solution and optimizing production chains in the small metal parts and springs industry sectors.
For over 13 years it has been using three-dimensional modelling and simulation software to design its machinery down to the smallest detail and leave nothing to chance.
The Italian company is constantly evolving and manufactures customized systems for the heat treatment of springs in the oil & gas, automotive, aerospace and medical fields.
With over 700 machines, lines and equipment for automation around the world – including Europe, the USA, China, South Africa and India – Agibi Progetti has built its reputation on the ability to guarantee its customers high quality standards in every production process. Another strong point is the fast and specialized after sales service, supported by modern remote assistance technologies.
Agibi Progetti ovens comply with the CQI9 standards for the automotive sector and the AMS2750 for the aerospace industry.
To solve the problem of smokes inside the ovens, the company has patented in Italy and then spread all over the world a system called No Smoke System. This system consists of catalysts which, through a physical-chemical process, eliminate fumes avoiding the installation of bulky suction systems on ovens. This technology does not require maintenance, spare parts or additional energy.
The tracks on which Agibi Progetti runs are automation and production efficiency, aimed at speeding up and automating every process and making everything smarter.
Which is the result? Ovens and intelligent systems for management in 4.0 perspectives and energy saving. Once ovens were considered machinery of secondary importance, today thanks to good automation and specially-made software, Agibi Progetti managed to make them an integral part of a quality production process.
The high quality standards and targeted needs lead the company to build increasingly efficient and cutting-edge machines.

Agibi Progetti, the professional solution you were waiting for!