Established in 1977, Elettrotec first began designing and manufacturing adjustable miniature pressure switches, electromagnetic float level switches, electric flow indicators and switches with or without visual indication.
With more than 40 years of experience, going through years of radical changes and increasing competitiveness, Elettrotec has been able to improve and enlarge the product range with new series of level switches, flow indicators, pressure, vacuum and temperature switches, coming up to the expectations of the customers and the market in general, both in Italy and abroad.
Besides specific and custom-made solutions developed in years of experience, the established Elettrotec core business has also been added with new product lines for the electronic industrial automation. A challenge that the Company has to embark on, in order to expand its offer in all those applications requiring nowadays most accurate process monitoring. Moreover, to give a comprehensive idea of the Elettrotec production, it has also to be mentioned a wide range of excellent accessories, such as protection caps and connectors, among which stands out in particular the new series of DIN connectors with transparent housing and red/green LED, designed to suit and fit not only the Elettrotec product range.
Elettrotec recently created the new PHP pressure switches (according to ASTM D471). PHP has extraordinary heat resistance, up to 200°C (392°F)
over 100.000 cycles with full steam and minimum hysteresis (recovering point within 1%). It is suitable for application where high accuracy is needed; especially in sterilization with full steam up to 150°C (300°F).
Thanks to its high standard quality products, Elettrotec is now very well-established in important sectors, such as: hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, food, textile and healthcare industry, railway transportation, agricultural machinery, automation, lubrication plants, lifting systems, fire prevention, heat exchangers and earthwork machinery.
Elettrotec, certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, is characterized by team work. Every department, from Marketing to the Shipping one, work closely together always well aware to have to compete worldwide. This is the cornerstone of the Elettrotec organization: a structure that, according to the Management, is constantly growing and is always perfectly tuned with the requirements of an extremely dynamic market in a non-stop and progressive evolution.
Product range: pressure switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches, float level switches, flow indicators and switches, level sensors, programmable digital indicators, electronic pressure transmitters and switches, variable flow meters, protection caps, connectors.