Technical work underwear WORIK® is a leading brand in the production of socks, underwear and technical work equipment produced in compliance with the requirements of first layer accident prevention clothing with antistatic, anti- cold and fireproof properties.

The company’s philosophy is focused on the accurate operating methodology and the excellence typical of Italian manufacturing craftsmanship, which has always distinguished us in the world. The dynamism of WORIK ® is supported by a consolidated experience within the industry and its ability to invest in research and innovation for the development of highly technological and accessible solutions.
The creation of high-performance technical clothing with graduated compression aims to improve the working conditions of professionals through perfect fit and maximum comfort, enhancing muscle oxygenation, delaying the onset of physical stress and keeping the body thermoregulated and dry in every context.
WORIK®’s desire to keep pace with modern evolutions, whilst maintaining a strong link with tradition, has led to the creation of multifunctional
products characterized by a meticulous attention to comfort, safety and aesthetics for every professional and leisure environment.
The domestic production grants the company a constant updating of its manufacturing following the market’s requests and full availability thanks to a wide range of high quality products.
As the Coronavirus emergency evolved, WORIK ® has focused on the health and safety of citizens and has converted, during this difficult phase, part of
its activity to the design and implementation of a hygienic mask for generic protection. Thus was born Mask-Lite, an ergonomic filtering face mask for civil or professional use that the brand is about to launch in the market starting from May. It is an instrument which can be used transversally for over 20 cycles and is about to become necessary for the community in everyday life in the long term.
Mask-Lite has an ergonomic edge that adapts to the face in a naturally comfortable way and a double protection weave in triple-density micro
sponge. It is not a medical nor personal protection device but it is fully hydrophobic and antibacterial, machine washable (maximum 60°) and reusable.
In order to provide freshness and inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria, it undergoes the additional Ultra Fresh treatment and is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure the protection of both human health and the environment.

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