After more than 70 years of activity in the threading tools sector, UFS has succeeded in adapting its organizational structure and internal resources to
the market’s needs, with technical, manufacturing and sales transformations that have led the company to compete with the leading global competitors.

UFS has developed new types of specific tools, satisfying the processing of hard to handle state-of- the-art materials in the highest band. Today it plays a leading role as a national manufacturer selling not only in Italy but in more than 50 countries around the world.
Production plants expansions and special machinery, the creation of new departments (R&D Metrological Laboratories, Test Centre, Customer Technical Assistance Office), the use of state-of-the-art computerised systems for design and the planning of orders, as well as quality certifications have been natural evolutions and the expression of an ongoing will to grow. Modern customised software allows for perfect coordination in terms of operational and financial management.

Production is assisted from the date we receive the order until delivery to the customer, optimising the process flows.
For all threading requirements, UFS can offer the right answer with a standard product from its catalogue or by designing a product “tailor-made” for the customer.
For those in need of a sophisticated and hi-tech product such as the threading tap, quality, flexibility and a prompt pre- and after-sales service are essential features.

At UFS the whole tool production process is internal, from the bar (using the best European steels) to the finished product. Each production stage is carefully monitored (design, hardening, construction, coating, testing) and the most suitable coatings are applied (TiN-TiCN- TiALN -TXC).

Today, there are more than 50 employees, working in 3 different locations.
Site 1 hosts the sales and administrative offices, the planning office and the technical office, as well as the entire production of standard tools. A large vertical warehouse provides the assortment at all times, guaranteeing delivery times in 24-48 hours from the order confirmation. Customers can place their order by telephone or using the B2B application.
In Site 2 there is a well-equipped metrology laboratory for research and development. Here we also work on metallographic and product process controls for technological advances, and the maintenance of the technical parameters of design and production. The PVD coating centre is also located on site 2. Finally, Site 3 is used for the construction of special products that require different times and customised production processes.
Furthermore, turning and hardening operations of the semi-finished products necessary for the production cycle of the “threading tap” are performed here.