TREG units for thermoregulation in production processes Tempco’s TREG units are thermal machinery for fine thermoregulation in production processes suitable for application in any kind of industrial sector, including chemical and pharma, food, oil & gas, energy, metallurgy and general manufacturing. TREG units provide heating, temperature maintenance and cooling cycles in industrial production, also offering remote control and management of the temperature levels as well as iTempco IoT services for remote condition monitoring and process optimization, in the way of smart thermoregulation and predictive maintenance.
The solid expertise of the Tempco’s team in the engineering of thermoregulating units allowed to develop an approach of Standard flexibility customization, SFC, that combines maximum components standardization and high customization of the units to suit any peculiar application’s need, offering the lower cost possibile for the customer and extreme personalization to the process characteristics.
The range of TREG units covers power capacities from 3 to 300 kW (electrical heating), and from 15 to 1200 kW (steam heating), and a wide temperature range from -30° C up to +350° C. The selection of the thermal fluid is determined according to the working operations of the machinery, including non-freezing solution for low and extremely low temperatures down to -30° C, water for mid temperatures up to 90° C, pressurized water for mid-high temperatures up to 140° C, and diathermic oil for high temperatures up to 350° C.

The thermoregulating units ensure precise and accurate temperature control by implementing devices such as electronic PID thermoregulators and PLC for remote control, allowing the management and set-up of even complex temperature control schemes and the complete automation of the thermoregulation tasks, employing actuated valves with power adjustment through thyristors in electrical versions.
Special executions are available in order to develop fully tailor-made thermoregulating solutions, including Atex certification for explosive environments, also compliant to the US market (FM instruments certification), and EAC for the conformity to the Russian market. The units are supplied as ALL- IN skid package solutions, complete with fairing and including all the equipments required for heat and cold production, such as electrical resistances, plate heat exchangers and chillers.
Where exhaust energy is available, coming from other production steps within the customers’ industrial process, special ad hoc solutions can also be developed to include heat recovery systems, maximizing efficiency and energy saving of the thermoregulating solution.
Fittings to the process and utilities are usually provided on the top of the units, with flanged or threaded connections, in order to ensure complete accessibility on all four sides for easy maintenance operations and ensuring total installation freedom, also suitable for narrow spaces applications.

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