Founded in 1978 by Giorgio Sgarbezzini, I.S.P.A offers simple, complete and cost-effective solutions to problems related to the treatment of industrial and residential water pollution. I.S.P.A also provides air purification systems to improve air quality and to guarantee the highest hygiene standards.
Since its founding, I.S.P.A has been the exclusive representative for Italy of the Swiss-German company ENVIRO CHEMIE, an important manufacturer of primary and wastewater treatment plants since 1976, with more than 10,000 active plants worldwide.
Since 1985 it has represented the American RGF Environmental, which constructs specific water treatment plants and patented systems for air and surface sanitation exposed to it.
I.S.P.A. is a reliable partner, able to support their customers throughout the plant life span, and ready to respond effectively to customer requests.
The company has always been known for their honesty and attention in their relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues. I.S.P.A. consider economic and ecological values equally important, and actively work for the preservation of water resources and respect for the environment.
Years ago, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education have assigned the NATO N/CAGE Company Codes and the National Research Registry Code. Thanks to agreements with their national and international affiliates, I.S.P.A. can offer a different variety of services, including classical activated sludge biological purifiers, bio disk biological plants, systems for pre-treatment and tertiary treatment of civil and industrial water, microfiltration and filtration systems.
Last but not least, I.S.P.A. is the Italian representative of UET, a company that has developed a system for the treatment of water from cooling towers, reverse osmosis, boilers and evaporators, avoiding any use of chemicals and allowing a considerable water saving.
I.S.P.A.’s experience has led them to select the best and most reliable purification plants and systems available on the international market to make the customer’s life easier while offering effective results, in complete respect for the environment.
These plants are not only extremely reliable and largely improved together with the parent companies, but they are also easy to run and simple in terms of personnel management. If the system doesn’t perfectly meet the customer’s needs, I.S.P.A. is happy to design personalised projects.
The search for the most suitable solution to the customer’s needs and the application of advanced technologies represent important organisational advantages for companies, in compliance with environmental law.