CONSER is an Italian Process Engineering Design Company founded in 1969 providing Licensing and Basic Design to chemical process industries and
high quality technical consulting services. CONSER’s organization and objectives are oriented to provide their clients with the latest technology, in the shortest lead time and at a competitive cost. With the aim to provide a service with optimum quality characteristics, all the project phases are managed.
Starting with feasibility studies, process development, licensing of processes and know–how transfer, process design package preparation, supervision of detailed engineering and construction, CONSER follow its client up to and including assistance to initial start-up. This is valid both for new plants and for existing plants which requires debottlenecking to improve performances and enhance profitability.
With over 50 years of experience and its constant confidence in research, CONSER is able to deliver up- to-date, creative and innovative solutions tailored for every client needs. Thanks to this client-oriented approach and its wide portfolio of patented licenses and technologies that export all over the world, CONSER’s reputation and success are well known, confirmed by satisfaction of the clients which have chosen it. In addition to Advanced Technology Licensing and Process Design Package, CONSER offers activities of Research and Development, Plant Debottlenecking and Revamping, Operation Analysis, Energy Saving and HSE Solutions for the mitigation of the Environmental Impact in plant operations.
CONSER is keen to cooperate with producing companies to transform innovative ideas into new or improved processes, allowing to meet the industry’s stringent demands of tomorrow. In addition CONSER carries out its research and development activities in collaboration with important international players and Universities research centres. The main processes developed and licensed by CONSER are:

•Butyl And Halobutyl Rubber
•Propylene Oxide
•Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
•Malic Acid And Fumaric Acid
•Trimellitic Anhydride
•Maleic Anhydride
•Propylene Glycol
•Acetone Derivatives
•N-Methyl Pyrrolidone
•Glycol Ethers

High degree of safety and reliability are the priorities in our design. Before implementation, each process solution is screened through several analysis steps to guarantee the excellence of production. In the design phase, critical challenges like by-products management, effluent and emission disposal and product quality assurance are the foundations of the solutions proposed by our process department.
As main result of our intense and continuous development and love for research, CONSER developed several patent applications, to protect its intellectual property and over the years, new patents have been successfully granted for new technologies.
Today CONSER can boast several customers in Russia, China, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, U.S.A., Europe and ITALY. CONSER is present in Asia with
its petrochemical technologies since the middle of 1990s. CONSER by numbers: more than 50 years of experience, over 500.000 Metric Tonnes per Year of chemicals produced worldwide using CONSER know- how, over 30 countries hosting CONSER technologies, over 150 satisfied clients around the world, 50 up-to-date and optimised technology licenses.