Carro Luigi

Carro Luigi Srl has been designing and producing Injecti moulds for thermoplastics since its foundation in 1977. Because the company continuously tries to provide better service for its customers, it now also has a fully equipped moulding department. The goal, then and now, is to provide its knowledge and technical experience for product development: from the idea to its realization. Our engineering staff takes the idea and develops it in continuous collaboration with the customer, creating a product that best satisfies all different kinds of requirements.
We have technologically advanced machinery for producing the moulds and all the equipment our customers need. The engineering department, equipped with the latest generation of CAD/CAM systems, can also create moulds of complex parts fairly quickly.
The machine shop, in direct communication with the engineering staff through a network of numerical control machines, can create moulds up to 1.000 x 500 mm for any type of vertical and horizontal press, standard or special.

The customization department can create all types of injection moulds, including:
-Pilot moulds for initial tests
-Moulds for Babyplast/Boyplast presses
-Hot chamber multi-cavity moulds
-Moulds with mechanical and hydraulic unscrewing
-Moulds for comoulding and overmoulding

Our work ranges from the medical field to toys, household articles to electrical components. Great attention is given to small and medium-sized companies where problems must be solved by a single entity able to fulfil all requests, from design to production and assistance. In the moulding department we test directly the mould and related documentation is provided. Our warehouse always has over 15 different types of plastic materials available for every use.
An additional high value-added service is the mould maintenance and targeted modifications service. We have always been known for our quick, accurate and efficient service, which increases the value of the moulds over time.