Advantix | MAXA

An efficient inverter, two scroll compressors

The i-HP heat pump 250F version, air/water inverter with axial fans, presented by Maxa, is ideal for both residential and commercial of large dimensions installations, whether they are centralized or not such as big houses, buildings, offices or shops. The series i-HP is a family of high efficient heat pumps, designed to reach high values of SEER and SCOP thanks to DC inverter scroll compressors, EC fans and high-efficiency heat exchangers. It has been designed for various installations, both in combination with fan coils and radiant systems, both for standard operating conditions and for industrial applications.
The use of DC inverter scroll compressors, optimized for heat pump functioning under heavy working conditions, integrated with a steam injection system, allows obtaining a high level of comfort with low energy consumption even in the coldest winter seasons (up to – 25 °C). With this type of appliance, it is also possible to produce hot water up to 60 °C even with low external temperatures. The EC technology at the base of the fan motor allows up to 90% efficiency and allows high levels of energy savings, significantly extending its life and making it almost maintenance-free.
Versatility and reduced consumptions The strength of this technology is the versatility of the appliance, the greater possibility of capacity partitioning in both cooling and heating functioning and consequently the reduction of the relative consumptions. Through the control parameters, it is possible to define whether the adjustment should be done in parallel or in sequence, depending on the applications of the machine.
The main feature is the connection inside the same refrigeration circuit of two BLDC scroll compressors controlled by high efficiency conversion inverter. One of the exclusive functions is the sliding control of the superheat through the electronic thermostatic valve, thanks to the signals sent by the pressure transducers and temperature probes. In this way, it is possible to optimize the operation of the unit in relation to the external operating conditions and the plant conditions. Similarly, an exclusive defrost control was developed based on the external temperature; in this way, defrosting numbers and durations are reduced during winter functioning, guaranteeing higher continuity in the supply of thermal energy to the system. The CPU also controls the following functions:
• water temperature setting;
• antifreeze protection;
• compressor timing;
• alarm reset, alarm management;
• operation LED.

The control system, together with inverter technology and on-board sensors, constantly and continuously monitors and adjusts the performance of the inverter compressor, the circulator and the fan. The on-board control is also equipped with the following features:
optional ModBus port, possibility to download the updated firmware at any time via USB Host port, optional Wi-Fi card.