Settima offers engineered screw pumps for oil products in upstream, midstream and downstream, offshore and onshore, since 40 years

Three screw pumps have been on the market for long time and constantly demanding requirements have imposed this technology to improve time after time in order to face higher challenges. Despite that, over the years, the pumping technology of choice, especially Oil & Gas industry, in many fluid-transfer applications has been the centrifugal pump. Today we can confirm that positive displacement triple screw pumps can be much more efficient, reliable and versatile than centrifugal pumps. Screw pumps have experienced advancements in terms of capability of handling various fluids even with higher viscosities. The operating principle of a screw pump, in alternative of a centrifugal pump, involves a volumetrically consistent flow rate regardless of the pumping pressure. Screw pump technology can bring in oil and gas applications various benefits:

  • Possibility to handle a wide range of flows, viscosities, fluids types and pressures
  • increasing allowability to handle more and more corrosive fluids
  • High volumetric efficiencies, leading to reduced operational costs
  • Almost no mechanical vibration to improve service life
  • No Noise operation
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • Constant and smooth flow, even with varying system backpressures due to viscosity changes
  • Reduced risk of leakage and of overpressure failure
  • Self-priming operation and high suction characteristics
  • High tolerance to entrapped air and other gases
  • Extremely low pulsation increasing the life of associated fluid-transfer components (piping, hoses, valves, etc.)

It is easy now to note why industrial operators have decided more and more to rely on positive displacement screw pumps. To quote Dushyant Mehra, research analyst with Frost & Sullivan, “The primary challenge for oil & gas pump manufacturers is to improve the energy costs and efficiency of their pumps.” This is why the main operational advantages that screw pumps have, transform screw pumps as the most efficient, reliable and versatile alternative to centrifugal pumps in critical liquid-handling applications. SETTIMA Pumps has been a global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions since the last 40 years. With a dedicated initial engineering analysis, trough design layout to final highly precise machining techniques, everything based in Italy, SETTIMA can guarantee a perfectly fit tailored answer, like API676 solutions, to many of the Oil & Gas and Power plant requirements.