Damec S.r.l. is a company based on the twenty-year experience of its owner Danilo Maggioni, who works in the field of precision engineering and mechanics since 1981.
Our company deals with the marketing and commercialization of honing tools and honing machines for deep honing processing.
Since 2014, our staff is bringing DAMEC to the success because our mission is very clear.
Our company is located in Milan (Lombardy) – Italy.
WHY CHOOSE OUR HONING MACHINE? . . . because -All parameters can be displayed and arbitrarily set through the touch screen and menu dialogue honing processing interface
-Control system with tool wear compensation value setting function (with manual, automatic compensation function)
-CNC system with USB interface, through which you can achieve the exchange of machine tools and computer processing program
-Stroke, feed adopts “private server motor + ball screw” control mode
-Cooling and filtering system: magnetic separator + tape + oil cooler. Filtration precision is ≤ 20um; cooling tank capacity is ≥ 300 L, flow is ≥ 100 L/min. With the constant temperature control system of honing oil, reduce the maximum impact on the workpiece heating precision honing
-Machine has perfect lubrification control system, all moving parts have automatic lubrification device
-Machine tool structure: loading and unloading devices, two processing station
-Accuracy of roundness ≤ 1 um
-Cylindrical degree ≤2 um/100 mm
-Roughness is ≤ 0.1 um