Texpack® was founded in 1993 as a result of the business experience of Giorgio Lanza and Simonetta Ghisi, who began specializing in the manufacture of textile products for thermal insulation at temperatures from 200°C up to 1300°C.


The manufactured products in the Pyrotex® range are made of glass fibre yarns and are covered in a thick layer of red silicone rubber which provides a high level of heat and fire insulation, making it essential in all those sectors such as aeronautics, the car industry, paper mills, glassworks, mines and steelworks where workers must be protected from serious burns caused by accidental contact or by respiratory or skin irritations. The red colour of the silicone rubber is due to the high content of FE 203 that prevents the adhesion of molten particles or resins which, if they become hard on the external surface can cause a break-age and compromise operation.

Products Sleeves, tapes, cloths.

4151 Fluorpack®  Fluorpack® packing is made with Lenzing fibres, which are composed of expanded PTFE yarns with encapsulated graphite particles and components with lubricating power. These components give the packing excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to chemical agents and aging. The homogeneous structure of the packing prevents these components from coming away during operation thereby reducing the risk of wear on the shaft to a minimum, and preventing the fluid from being contaminated by packing particles. The packing is flexible, elastic and easy to cut and install.