Nautilus actuators Innovation in Motion


Nautilus actuators is a new and flexible company, specialized in electric actuators for all types of valves for all types of fluids. The company distributes 3 brands: Schiebel, Valpes and Regada. Three partners that compete on the future to seek in terms of products and services a strong growth potential.

Nautilus will be present at the OMC and will show a new feature: the CM 90° failsafe actuator with mechanical spring loaded action. The actuators of CM Series, product by Schiebel, are efficient and flexible and they’re developed in three different sizes which can be used in optimum fashion regardless of the automatic control operation. The high power density of the motor in this design series makes for very compact installation dimensions. New materials were also used to enable substantial savings in terms of weight. Alternatively, special materials (such as bronze or steel) also can be used.

With an integrated control unit, the CM Series of actuators opens up new possibilities for electric actuators. Flexible, compact and smart. Utilizable in any area of use and any application. Easily expandable at any time by means of software enablements. Even the basic design copes with important operating conditions, allowing the CM Series to be used anywhere. Regardless of application, valve type or area of use, the CM Series actuators may also be used in conjunction with additional gear mechanisms.

The interface to the valve conforms with ASME/ISO standards and meets every need. Alternatively, any customer requirement can be fulfilled or adapted to existing valve fittings.

The actuators of CM series are simple to change speed and positioning time and they’ve many pre-integrated software

options, such as a minimal amount of work involved for subsequent adjustments to customers’ distributed control system and the customized functions that can be activated on short notice.

Among the other features of this new series, we find the minimal maintenance costs because mechanical and electronic components are reduced to a minimum and there’s also a reduction of spare part design for subsequent adjustment. The design of these actuators is compact and, because of it and the aluminum housing, the volume and the weight are reduced. They’re maintenance free and they’ve rotatable display panel and read-out in 90° increments.

Schiebel is taking a further step in terms of technology, customer satisfaction and innovation. Indeed, it has developed a newly introduced Bluetooth interface that makes it possible to offer wirelessly operated actuation, which is performed using a specially developed application.

The Android application for SMARTCON covers two important areas: the first is the parameterization of the actuator in offline mode as well as importing and exporting the entire data stored in the control unit. The second is the local control of the actuator via the Bluetooth interface. It makes moving open and shut as well as setting the end positions all possible without any additional setting device. Through the possibility of sending operational and configuration data to the manufacturer for online diagnostics, Schiebel has taken a major step in the sphere of remote maintenance. Thus, not only preventive maintenance is possible but also quick rectification of malfunctions.