Is Quality a cost?
Cavicel has the answer.


Everyone expects all the products on the market to have the same performances.
When we chose a product, we focus on its technical features, on what the supplier declares and then, finally, on the price.
The point is: are we even sure that we are comparing the exact same product?
More often than not, we find on the market products that apparently look very similar but only after an examination, sometimes not even so careful, we realize that there are differences able to justify the price.
Nowadays all the companies, operating in a qualified market, are ISO 9001 certificated; does this mean that all the companies sell the exact same reliable product? Of course it does not.
Quality is a wide concept which is not just limited to the analysis of a specific product; it is something deeper, related to the company and the people that are part of it. Investing in a high skilled staff and in valid equipment, it is something essential for Cavicel in order to bring new
and innovative products on the market.
Cavicel is a company that produces special cables for over 60 years and it has always been oriented towards innovative high-performance products.
Cavicel has several product lines, one of these is FIRECEL, fire resistant cable, designed to work even during fires, guaranteeing high performances with the ultimate purpose to ensure people’s safety.
For this reason Cavicel is investing a lot in an organized internal laboratory, which is also one the most equipped in Europe. Their high quality equipment and their experienced staff are the core of Cavicel’s success and essential points that allow them to proceed with a careful analysis of every single cable, testing it before putting it on the market.
During the last year, Cavicel performed over 550 fire tests in order to guarantee the quality of their final products.
Their certifications are not just mere declaration of conformity, indeed they are effective evidences that ensure Cavicel’s high performance cables.
Accordingly, Quality is a key concept for Cavicel, and they spread it to all their production: INCOCEL instrumentation



cables, OPTICEL optical fibre cables, their offshore cables, drilling muds resistant cables and to their special products.
The quality of Cavicel’s products is recognised by the most important engineering companies, by the countless registrations on the end users’ Vendor List, by DNV, LPCB, BASEC third part laboratories, and so on.
For this reason Cavicel believes that Quality is not a cost, it is a value that safeguards the investments of their clients.
Cavicel conducting value.