DIS makes sense


Over the course of 30 years of activity, DIS Sensors has built up a strong reputation in the field of high-quality sensor technology thanks to its great know-how and spirit of innovation. DIS Sensors develops, manufactures and sells sensors for various applications from its headquarters in Soest, in the Netherlands. DIS Sensors offers a wide range of non-contact sensors for measuring inclination, vibration and acceleration as well as rotary encoders. Its sensors can be applied in a number of fields, including: material handling, mobile machines, medical appliances, floodgates, harsh environments, (renewable) energy, oil and gas, elevators and agriculture.

Increasingly stringent regulations are forcing a wider range of equipment and devices to comply with the safety levels SIL2 (as per IEC 62061) and PLd (as per ISO 13489). To meet these standards for functional safety the Industry demands for safety sensors. Therefore both SIL1/PLc, SIL2/PLd and redundant sensors are added to the portfolio.

DIS Sensors is well-known for its customised OEM solutions as well as for its network of carefully selected suppliers, with whom it is able to produce a wide range of products at competitive prices

The company’s network of distributors ensures exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Thanks to this, customers can count on local support in case they need help with selecting the right sensor, if they have technical questions or need any kind of advice.

Nowadays the market trend is moving towards “autonomous mobility” for industrial vehicles, which means that companies will have to rely on sensors with “real time” accuracy. This is why DIS Sensors is always studying innovative solutions to face these changes in the attempt to make its sensors performing well in any kind of dynamic environments. Recently, DIS Sensors has developed a new QG65-DYNAMIC sensor platform for inclinometers that incorporates the latest “sensor fusion technology” to meet these challenges.

Innovation and development are key words at DIS Sensors. With this inclinometer stable real-time measurements are possible even during rapid movement. This sensor is a clear example of innovation that was developed as a desire out of the market. It’s getting to its last phase of development and the company is going to launch tit as soon as the quality meets the requested standard.

DIS Sensors was first awarded an ISO 9001 certificate in 2001; the most recent ISO 9000-2015 certificate was issued in 2018. Furthermore, a growing amount of the product portfolio is UL certified.