VDA GROUP VDA Group is a leading international company providing technical solutions

Dariush Grand Hotel, is a five−star hotel well located in the heart of Kish, close to the famous tourists attractions and the International Airport. This beautiful hotel inspired by Persepolis, is a symbol of the magnificence of ancient Persian civilization, and stands on a 20,000 square−meter plot of land facing the sea. Its enormous entrance echoes a classic palace and its 200 well equipped rooms and suites are with beautiful view of the sea or the surronding gardens.

Since 2016 Micromaster by VDA Group provides a multipurpose tool for the management of the Dariush Grand Hotel’s personnel, security and guest services. VDA’s priority has been to introduce simple to − use technology that will enhance the guest experience. The guest controls the room using

VDA’s Vitrum glassware collection. These touch sensitive keypads have etched icons for each room function. Micromaster and Vitrum interfaces contribute to the design and luxury throughout the hotel, and lowers the property’s power consumption and carbon footprint.

VDA Group is a leading international company providing technical solutions in Interactive Television, Building Automation, and Room Management for Hospitality and Residential markets. Also providing IPTV, Guest Wifi, and Smart Touch Switches.
The company designs and manufactures all of its own key components and soGware, providing international certifications, as well as country specific ones. VDA also
produces complex customised solutions that are able to satisfy almost any request or need.

VDA Group has installed and maintains more than 2,500 systems across 200,000 rooms, across four different Continents, in many prestigious locations, working with worldwide hotel chains such as Hilton, Kempinsky, Hyatt,Rocco Forte, and Park Plaza.

VDA Group produces high technology management systems to control all aspects of a building, making every item easy to use, and easy to maintain, thanks to a centralised supervision brain that allows one to monitor the entire system online.

VDA Group
•Active in more than 25 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas
•More than 2,500 facilities equipped
•Over 250,000 active rooms
•More than 30 years of presence in the Italian hotel market, and 20 years in the international hotel market.
•Internal hardware and so†ware design
•Tailor-made solutions
•Customizable owner design
•Solid technological pla√orm
•User friendly Interface

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